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Centre for Leadership Performance

About Us
The Centre for Leadership Performance is a not for profit organisation, established in 2011. We are committed to enabling ‘better leadership for better lives’, supporting everyone to take ownership of their own lives and maximise their potential.

Who we are
Our formation in 2011 was championed and funded by Nuclear Management Partners (NMP) and Britain’s Energy Coast Campus (BECC) who saw that the development of leadership capability was a key factor in the future success of the county. Our initial activity focused on bringing together the business and education sectors in a dialogue about leadership through a series of Leadership Masterclasses. These conversations provided an invaluable perspective of the leadership landscape in Cumbria and enabled us to design programmes to meet the needs of the local businesses and the wider community.

Almost 10 years on, this open dialogue with our clients and partners has allowed us to understand where we truly add value and where our strengths as an organisation lie. We strive to be collaborative rather than be competitive, building relationships with our providers and enablers through sharing information, identifying good practice, matching need with provision and developing new solutions. These relationships help us to create innovative products and services and build long term relationships with young people (starting at primary age) and develop that relationship throughout their education and into their career.

Our approach
All of our work starts with a conversation, we understand the needs of individuals and organisations through listening to them talk about what’s happening for them..

These conversations inspire our ideas, help us to generate innovative and practical ways to meet these needs

We like to work in partnership where we can, linking people and sharing ideas and creating value by working together to co-create solutions.

We prefer to work in a way that creates sustainable success for all involved, creating new infrastructure and networks that will continue to evolve to meet new needs.

- Bespoke Programmes
- Leader 2 Leader: eight-month leadership development programme.
- Coaching: development tool that works in both a 1:1 and a team setting.
- Bespoke Young People Programmes: bespoke work awareness programmes and development interventions.
- Bright Stars: programme designed to introduce young people across Cumbria to Leadership.
- ProjX: innovative work awareness programme offering students in Year 10 and 11 the opportunity to work with a range of local businesses.

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