Get Into Nuclear | Step 6: Become Known

Six Steps To Get Into Nuclear

#1 Identify who you are #2 and what you want from your job

#3 Get to know the business #4 and the skills you require

#5 Get to know the people who can help you land that role

#6 Be known and put yourself in a position to land that role

Step 6 - Become Known

The sixth and final step in the get into nuclear process often the one that people jump straight into firing their CV all over the place in a scatter gun approach hoping that they will find employment eventually. However, if you have follow through the previous five steps you should be confident in your approach to become known and find you route into nuclear.

If you have jumped straight into Step 6 you can start at Step 1 – Know Who You Are.


This step is all around building your brand. The most obvious manner in which to do this when seeking employment is to update your CV. However, your efforts shouldn’t stop here – particularly in todays social society in which we have numerous social mediums as well as physical Special Interest Groups (SIG), STEM activities or Trade Associations in which you can build you brand and network at the same time as learning and having fun…yes we said it.

The Groups: - Where do we start with this one? There are numerous groups for you to join to become known in the UK Nuclear Industry and within your particular field of choice within the industry. Without going into too much details the biggest of them all are of the Nuclear Industry Association (NIA) and the Nuclear Institute (NI) followed by SIGs’ for most functions. If meeting face-to-face isn’t for you for whatever reason they next best option is to join a couple of the groups on LinkedIn and to become an active member in the ongoing discussions or, if you are feeling brave to start a discussion of your own.


Your CV: - As discussed above this is the most obvious medium of selling yourself when trying to find and role and to get into nuclear. There are many many resources dedicated specifically to writing the perfect CV and we are not going to get into that here. However, one thing that we will add, upon reviewing numerous CVs’ in the industry is to ensure that you have no spelling mistakes! We do also recommend that you pick up the phone and speak to the person that you are sending your CV to if possible to following it up with a discussion to get your skills and experiences across in a manner that is not always possible on paper.

Referrals: - Another avenue to explore to become known in the UK Nuclear Industry is to be introduced to the right people, group or company via referral. This can be via a family member or friend who works in the industry, a recruitment company, or other means via you network. Although potentially the most difficult to execute the success rate via this means is much higher than blindly sending your CV.


After following our Six Steps to Get into Nuclear our example engineer would complete step 6 by:

After meeting with Toby who agrees that they can add value to the industry their CV has been updated and issued to a number of local companies in the UK Nuclear Industry who have manufacturing capabilities. The issue of the CV includes a quick cover letter followed by a brief phone call. The way that the industry is moving it shouldn’t be long before there is an opportunity to provide consultancy services on a part time basis for LEAN manufacturing process in a local manufacturing works.