Get Into Nuclear | Step 1: Know Who Your Are

Six Steps To Get Into Nuclear

#1 Identify who you are #2 and what you want from your job

#3 Get to know the business #4 and the skills you require

#5 Get to know the people who can help you land that role

#6 Be known and put yourself in a position to land that role

Step 1 - Know Who You Are

The first step in the get into nuclear process is to define who you are, your experiences, qualifications, skill, capabilities and competencies. This sets the foundation for all of the other steps and it is fundamental that it completed before commencing the remainder of the process.

Background: - Take some time to consider where you have come from. Consider what stage you are in your life, unemployed, student, post-graduate, apprentice, experienced worker, manager, recently made redundant or even retired.

Education: - What and where did you received your education? Are you still in school? Did you start to work directly out of school or did you attend college or university? Have you undertaken a post-graduate MSc or PhD?

Qualifications: - Consider all of the qualifications that you have been rewarded. Do not limit yourself to education such as GCSE’s, A-Level’s and Batchelor Degree consider other qualifications such as a Driving Licence, IOSH training courses, Management Courses, job specific qualifications such as you SIA qualification when you worked as a Doorman, CSCS, Police training even your 50m Swimming Badge.

Experience: - Do have you 10, 15, 20 years’ experience working in an office environment or are you looking for your first job? Did you used to work in a shop on the school holidays, supported a local charity or started an online business? Consider the specifics; rather than saying “I worked in a Shop” try to think of the experiences that you gain from working in that shop; customer service, stock management, sales, issue resolution, team management etc.

Situation: - Finally you need to define your current situation. Just about to leave school, currently employed, being made redundant, just about to end a profession sports career, about to graduate from university, just had a baby, just returned from 12 months travelling or even currently retired.


Once you have worked through the above you will have a good definition and description of who you are. As you move on to Step 2 in the six steps to get into nuclear journey you will start to consider what you want to do in you work and personal life to derive if there currently is a gap in the two which can potentially be filled by finding yourself a new role in the UK Nuclear Industry.


Following step 1 our example footballer would move on to step 2 having considered the below:

They are a professional footballer coming to the end of their career looking to enter the world of work for the first time. Doesn’t have any ‘work experience’ but has a lot of experiences and competencies that they believes will add value in the workplace.