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What is Social Value?

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Social Value is the resulting impact - positive or negative - on the wider community and environment as an outcome of business operations.

It is more important than ever that a company develop a social impact strategy to proactively undertaken endeavours that deliver social value. It is also important that these activities be focused on the social issues apparent in a particular region or demographic. 

With the introduction of the Social Value Act and the associated social value model, if a company does not do this right, they are not going to win any new work.

Social Value Model

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Creative Agency

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Social Value Businesses

There have always been businesses set up with the vision and aim of helping organisations provide value to the community and broader environment. However, with the introduction of the Social Value Act, several businesses created or re-branded to support companies are embedding Social Value. 

Changes to public contracting in 2021 will require changes to business policies and processes. For public sector clients, the need to articulate and embed Social Value within contract delivery is critical.

Look through our Social Value Business Directory to see how they can assist in all areas of your Social Impact Strategies. They can help you win contracts, build a business that will attract and retain high-quality employees, and deliver positive financial, social, and environmental benefits. 

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Social Value Marketplace

Featured Social Value Initiative

We are trialling the idea of a social value marketplace to help deliver social value by bringing together social value initiatives that would benefit from support and organisations that can offer the resources to provide the social value. 

Businesses are often willing to commit resources to support social value but find it difficult to set up or engage with ongoing social value initiatives. On the other hand, there are many endeavours already in flight looking for resources to increase the social impact they bring. The marketplace aims to help facilitate the 'handshakes' between the two parties.


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