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Nuclear Social Media

Social Media for Nuclear

Social media during 2016 was used by around 58% of the population of the UK and this is expected to rise through 2017 and beyond.

As such it is becoming more and more apparent that if you are not active on social media and following an effective strategy you at best miss a huge opportunity to increase you brand/product awareness becoming an influencer in process and at worst falll from all existence from the public eye.

You can read all about the UK Nuclear Industry and it's adaption, or not, of social media in one of our previous posts:

Social Media and the UK Nuclear Industry.


LinkedIn: along with over 500m users the nuclear community have adopted LinkedIn as a place for all things business. Updates, community discussions and job posts.


Think socialising in the bar close-by to work. It's all business but in a more in-formal, relaxed setting.

When adding anything to LinkedIn make sure that you remain professional whilst contributing to your area of expertise. Promotional information, company initiatives, achievements and job opportunities are all good topics. 

Facebook: with over 2 billion followers Facebook is by far the largest of the social media platforms. This means that your audience on Facebook is pretty much every demographic that you can think of. Now think pub with your family and friends...


...but with many 'others' listening in.

When posting as an enterprise ensure that your posts to are informative to the reader, and if at all possible, their community.

If posting personally be considerate that people are listening in so don't say anything that you wouldn't say in public.

Twitter: provides a platform for you to join in on one the  many daily conversation happening between the 13 million UK users of twitter. 37% of which are under the age of 30. allows you to eavesdrop on the world via search engine.

Great place to join in on live discussions as they are happening. Being limited to 140 characters makes for straight to the point discussion. 

With 500m tweets per day provide value- add content which is readily shared by twitter users increasing reach. 

Instagram: 300m million UK users with 90% under the age of 35. The aim of Instagram is to tell your story via picture. Keep the pictures 'real' not magazine like.

Take the opportunity to make your picture 'sexy' to showcase the industry.

Ensure that you are putting out great content and quotes that make people want to share like.

Again, to reiterate, tell you story.

Snapchat: built on videos 10 seconds in length. 70% of users are under the age of 25; 70% of which are females. 

Snapchat as with Instagram is gain users from Facebook under the age of 24. Instagram are however competing with 'Snapchat-like' features of their own.

You only have 10 seconds so it makes sense to stick to a theme to tell your story which each update.

Think "Army more than just a soldier" or consider "10 second nuclear" brief educational videos?

Medium: audience is built-up of highly-educated, tech-savvy individuals with good salaries mostly under the age of 35.

Research shows that Medium is resonating around 3 key categories; Politics, Sports and Technology and Startups.

Medium has a blog format with a "7 minute read" being the most popular read posts. Three is the potential to break up larger posts into a series.

Concentrate on the quality of your posts to attract reads and 'applause'.

Pinterest: is a very much female dominated platform. Longer form portrait format infographics, quotes and articles are the name of the game.

Great for "Top 10...", "5 Most..." flowcharts and infographics.

Pinterest is more of a personal tool than a social one. People come to Pinterest to find ideas to try, figure out which ones they love, and learn a little bit about themselves in the process before they buy.

The above is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to social media but is a great starter pack for you to commence your journey in social media specifically for the UK Nuclear Industry. Social media is a great medium to showcase your your skills, knowledge, experience, opinions, comings and going by telling your story whether you are an individual, organisation of enterprise.


Check out our services page for how we could help you further make the most of the world of social media. 

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