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Here at Get Into Nuclear we aim to help anyone interested in making their mark on arguably one of the most influential industries of our time. The below provides an outline of the six steps to get into nuclear and gives a flavour of what we are trying to do and how we are helping people.

#6 Be known and put yourself in a position to land that role

#5 Get to know the people who can help you land that role

#3 Get to know the business #4 and the skills you require

#1 Identify who you are #2 and what you want from your job

1. Know Who You Are: consider your background, skills, experiences, qualifications, interests


​2. Know What You Want: assess where you want to be, you priorities, goals, aspirations, lifestyle needs


3. Know The Business: find out more about the UK Nuclear industry, the roles, the changes, the forecasts


4. Know the Skills: assess the requirements for different roles, the training directory, courses/qualifications, relevant experience, vetting requirements


5. Know the People: identify the influencers, the employers, the recruiters who can help you get into nuclear


6. Be Known: review your CV, the groups, what your next steps need to be, the GetIntoNuclear referral


Our members get the opportunity to work through the steps using real life examples that walk you through the process. The working examples aim to highlight the vast array of jobs available within the UK Nuclear Industry and demonstrate how our 6 step process can help you to Get Into Nuclear. 

As a member you will then be walked through the 6 steps to getting into nuclear process.

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