Procurement Manager: Salary, Job Description, How To Become One, and Where to Apply

Procurement Management

Nuclear Procurement Salary

Working in procurement includes undertaking all aspects of procurement related activity to cost, quality and schedule. Delivering Procurement expertise in line with corporate Procurement policy and process in line with business requirements and performance objectives. Undertaking the following tasks as part of the core duties of the role: Supplier sourcing; soliciting bids; down selection; negotiation, contract award & contract management


Salary: xxxxx per year

Job Satisfaction: Very High

Transferability: Very High

Education: Degree 

Job Growth: High

Personality: xxxx

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Procurement Management - Procurement is a broad term; a quick google search of "become a procurement manager in the nuclear industry" brings up an extensive range of varying results, so it is a good idea to be clear in what is meant by procurement in the intent of this section.


For our purpose, procurement encompasses the disciplines associated with the supply chain elements of work, including buyer, quantity surveyor, procurement manager, and procurement specialist.