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Procurement Management

Nuclear Procurement Salary

Working in procurement includes undertaking all aspects of procurement related activity to cost, quality and schedule. Delivering Procurement expertise in line with corporate Procurement policy and process in line with business requirements and performance objectives. Undertaking the following tasks as part of the core duties of the role: Supplier sourcing; soliciting bids; down selection; negotiation, contract award & contract management


Salary: xxxxx per year

Job Satisfaction: Very High

Transferability: Very High

Education: Degree 

Job Growth: High

Personality: xxxx

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Job Description

Procurement managers act as the primary point of contact between suppliers and a company. They are responsible for procuring products and goods for use in the business or delivering projects by identifying potential supplier sources, screening them and negotiating desirable payment terms. Other duties include monitoring supplier performance and ensuring contractual obligations are met. The typical job progression of procurement managers is to an executive or directorial position.

A bachelor's degree in business or a related field is often required to be a procurement manager, with most managers holding a CIPD. Extensive experience working in a procurement department is necessary before being assigned to a managerial position. Successful candidates for procurement roles have excellent communication and negotiation skills to build a good rapport with suppliers while keeping the company's interests in mind.

Additionally, you will need to meet the vetting requirements.

Typical Day At Work

A typical day has changed quite a lot for a design engineer since COVID-19 came about. Many procurement specialists benefit from now have a commute to the office every day. Most can work from home, which was not expected at all before March!

Although their responsibilities can vary depending upon the type of organisation, their core responsibilities include:

  • Liaising with key company employees to ascertain their product and service needs

  • Performing all procurement activities, including pre-qualification, negotiating supplier agreements, preparation of contracts and tender management

  • Delegating tasks and overseeing the work of Purchasing and Procurement Agents across all departments

  • Identifying areas for improvement to continually drive performance and business results

  • Leading a team of Purchasing Agents and delegate tasks across departments when necessary

  • Managing overall direction, coordination and evaluation of procurement for the organisation

  • Developing strong relationships with business stakeholders and strategic supply partners to improve business

  • Creating policies and procedures for risk management and mitigation

Other Responsibilities

Besides their typical day, Procurement roles in nuclear also need to manage the expectations of their key stakeholders. These include the end-users, financial sponsor, their own senior management and their wider delivery team. Much of a procurement specialist in nuclear's time is spent in design reviews, providing status updates and managing key relationships.

Separately, many buyers provide support to others in the form of training, advising and mentoring. Often with a technical decision having chosen to enter management 5-10 years into their career, the experience of the typical engineer is perfect to support the next generation of workers. 

Working Life

Working Hours:

Standard 37.5 hour week

Regular schedule like a 9 to 5

In a typical week, although contracted to 37.5 hours per week, it is not unusual for a procurement manager to regularly work between 42 and 45 hours per week. 

Much of a procurement specialists 9 to 5 is split between attending meetings or design reviews and working to create, amend or review designs.

Is This Right For Me

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