Wylfa Newydd Clearance Approval Approved

Updated: Nov 17, 2019

The BBC reports that plans to clear £12m Wylfa Newydd plant site to go ahead despite strong opposition from amongst other Greenpeace.

Anglesey council unanimously approved the plans in a meeting on Wednesday. Horizon Nuclear Power will not start the 15-month proces to clear an area measuring over a square mile to build the new Wylfa Newydd B reactor.

Wylfa Newydd B

Greenpeace have put our a statement claiming it has filed a legal objection opposing nuclear firm Horizon’s plans to clear a site in Anglesey intended to house the planned Wylfa B reactor. The objection was submitted yesterday, prior to the Planning and Orders Committee meeting of the Anglesey County Council to discuss Horizon’s site-clearing request. Greenpeace claim that the clearing of the 738-acre site would see buildings demolished and the relocation of wildlife, some of which, such as barn owls, bats and great crested newts, is endangered.

A report by the Council’s Head of Regulation and Economic Development Service concluded that planning permission should be granted, though Greenpeace claims justification for the decision relies too heavily on the government’s Nuclear Energy National Policy Statement (EN-6), which expresses government support for small-scale nuclear reactors completed by 2025.

As the Wylfa site is anticipated to begin operations in 2027 at the earliest, the activist group say it is not applicable under this government ruling, adding that the site clearing process has been conducted with too much haste considering the dubious nature of the project’s viability and financing.

Greenpeace UK’s head of energy Kate Blagojevic said: “The National Infrastructure Committee has advised the government to focus their energy policy on renewables because wind and solar power are much cheaper than nuclear. The unseemly haste with which parts of Anglesey County Council are trying to rush this proposal through planning is both unlawful and entirely premature given the failure of the project to secure funding.”