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"Women in Nuclear UK (WiN UK) is one of over 30 international chapters under the umbrella of Women in Nuclear Global. Formed in 2014, WiN UK’s mission is to address the industry’s gender balance, improve the representation of women in leadership, engage with the industry, government and public on nuclear issues and support the industry with tools and information."

It is exciting times in the nuclear industry at the moment for a number of reasons. There has been the fantastic recent news on the expectation that Sizewell C is about to be approved. There is lots of excitement in the Small and Advanced Modular Reactor arena with quick progress and exciting innovations being made. There is a big recruitment drive by System. There are also lots of moves in the defence and decommissioning sector....

And there is now an additional exciting development in that Women in Nuclear UK has become an independent non-for-profit entity and has such has created a new website.

The aims of WIN UK

WiN UK’s strategic objectives are defined as:

  • Attraction - to encourage women to join the nuclear industry through engagement with schools, colleges, universities, appropriate youth groups and nuclear sector employers to create dialogue and raise awareness of the industry via events and communications. Also to work with national organisations to provide consultation and feedback on best practice to achieve a gender balanced workforce.

  • Retention - to support those already in the sector with career progression through mentoring and networking.

  • Dialogue - leading on broader engagement on diversity within the sector, but also on engaging women outside the industry in the debate on nuclear energy.

  • Industry Guidance – development and management of the Industry Charter, engagement with Charter signatories, development of toolkits and materials to aid companies by bringing together experts and information, in a guide on best practice.

Women in Nuclear (WiN) UK has ten regional branches, reflecting the geographical spread and landscape of the nuclear industry across the UK.

Each region has their own lead team. They focus on hosting events, promoting membership, highlighting the role of ambassadors and running mentoring and development opportunities.

The regions are central to promoting the work and objectives of WiN UK and play an important role in meeting local members’ needs though their wide-ranging programmes that run throughout the year. Regions also have links with other nuclear industry bodies and many host collaborative events.

Women in Nuclear UK shared:

"We have a brand new website, thanks to National Nuclear Laboratory however, our mission, regional teams and activities remain very much the same.

We’re empowered by these changes that offer more opportunities to improve diversity in the UK’s nuclear workforce and support the delivery of the Nuclear Skills Strategy Group (NSSG) gender roadmap milestones."

Lynsey Valentine, President of WiN UK, commented:

“I’m thrilled to announce the relaunch of Women in Nuclear UK. Building on the solid foundation created by our former President Jack Gritt, and thanks to a great team effort, WiN UK has become a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee, continuing to focus on improving gender balance in our industry. All our volunteers are part of this success and growth. Together, we’re making change happen.”

About Women in Nuclear UK;

Women in Nuclear UK (WiN UK) was formed in early 2014 to improve diversity and increase the skills base in the nuclear industry by encouraging gender balance. With a mission to address the industry's gender balance, improve the representation of women in leadership, engage with the industry, government and public on nuclear issues and support the industry with tools and information.

WiN UK aims to develop a dialogue with the public to promote factual awareness about the contribution to people and society from nuclear technologies. WiN UK is also focused on contributing to knowledge and experience exchange among members and chapters, both in the UK and internationally. Finally, WiN UK works to promote career interest in nuclear engineering, science, technology, the trades and other nuclear-related professions, especially among women and young people.

How Can You Find Out More and Join WIN UK

This is an easy one.... go to their new website at https://www.winuk.org.uk

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