Women in Nuclear Annual Conference 2020 – 29th January 2020 – Church House, Westminster, London

The WiN UK Annual Conference has SOLD OUT. Although you cannot attend the event this year it is worthwhile reading on to find out more and register your interest for further events.

Delegates attending the conference can download the Delegate Brochure (/WiN_delegate_brochure_2020v7.pdf)

At Get Into Nuclear we highly recommend attending as many Nuclear Events as possible. Not only are they a great source of information on the comings and goings of the UK nuclear industry they are also a great source to network and meet people from within the industry.

People who work in the nuclear industry you will find are some of the most professional and helpful bunch who hold integrity as one of their top value – they will be more than happy to help with any questions and queries that you have.

This highly anticipated WiN UK Annual Conference will return in January 2020 in London.

The conference includes insights from a range of speakers, followed by awards and workshops.  WiN UK 2020 annual conference will take place at Church House Conference Centre, Westminster, London on 29 January 2020.

This event will once again feature a not to be missed pre-conference drinks reception in the Members’ Dining Room at the House of Commons on the 28 January (16:00 – 18:00).

WiN ask the questions; We Inclusion journey feels complex. Where do we start? What should we do? How do we achieve an inspired, balanced, inclusive environment and specifically improve gender balance? Evidence shows that the greatest change comes from individuals. Individuals looking at their own behaviours and supporting change in the behaviours of others.

It’s time to “Sweat the Small Stuff” and think about the small, everyday things we do as individuals that impact the inclusivity of our organisations. Inclusion Nudges help us to put small changes in place that challenge our thinking and approach. Micro Cues are the small things we say, with no intentional impact, but that support or propagate inclusive or exclusive behaviour.

Join us at the WiN UK Annual Conference 2020 to explore Inclusion Nudges and Micro Cues and together let’s turn the “Small Stuff” into “Sizeable Success”.

The Women in Nuclear UK awards will be hosted at the annual conference on 29 January 2020.

We have 4 categories:

Champion of the Year – recognises a role model, influencing their own organisation and the wider industry to address gender balance

Ally of the Year – recognises the important role men play by the use of positive words and actions to increase the number of women working in our nuclear sector

Mission Impossible – recognises those who are tenacious in their mission to create change and increase the number of women working in our nuclear sector

Regional Heroes - recognises those groups working together locally to raise awareness, make a difference and achieve WiN UK’s mission

This year’s shortlisted nominees are:

· Lidia Bosa, EDF Energy,

· Melanie Brownridge, NDA

· Richard Cooke, NNL

· Dounreay Women’s Network

· David Ellis, Jacobs

· Hugo Herrera, NDA

· Helen Kendall, RWM

· Dr Elina Militello Asp, UKAEA

· Julia Pyke, EDF Energy

· Stacey Shepherd, EDF Energy

· Peter Welch, RWM

· WiN Central Regional Team

· WiN Scotland Central Regional Team

· WiN Scotland Highland Regional Team

Find out more by visiting the Event Webpage as part of the NIA website.

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Nuclear has the means to make the UK safe, secure and powered all the while ensuring a carbon free future for generations to come.

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What is fun about our business is that we are constantly challenging ourselves to find new ways to achieve our goal.

We currently provide services in recruitment, social media management and bringing live learning to 1000's of students.

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