Watchdog review of Trident 'unachievable' programme

A hot topic in the news this week is the government watchdog report into the Trident, now called Dreadnought, programme.

Trident nuclear plans “unachievable”, says UK government watchdog - reports Rob Edwards of The Ferret in Scotland.

RT stated Multi-billion pound projects to upgrade and renew Britain’s nuclear arsenal have been branded “unachievable” by the Infrastructure and Projects Authority (IPA) in its report to the Treasury and Cabinet Office.

An extra £235m of taxpayers’ money is needed for the £1.465bn scheme to make and maintain the reactor cores for the navy’s existing nuclear submarines and the four Dreadnought-class ballistic missile submarines, the first of which is expected to enter service in 2028. Reports The Times.

Further to this The Guardian state that Jeremy Corbyn wants to scrap Trident nuclear plan, says Michael Eavis.


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