UK's latest nuclear fusion reactor could supply the grid with clean power by 2030

Britain's newest fusion reactor has been fired up and is taking the world one step closer to generating electricy from the power of the stars. The heart of the Tokamak ST40 is expected to reach a temperature of 100m centegred next year; the temperature needed to trigger fusion the joining together of atomic neuculai accompanied by an enourmous release of energy. By 2030 the reactor is forecast to deliver clean energy to the national grid.

Fusion is the same process that allows stars to shine and provides the destructive force of H-Bombs. The thrid reactor to be built Tokamak Energy at Milton Park, Oxfordshire and represents the latest step in a 5 stage process to bring fusion power to the national grid by 2030 which brings the promise of almost unlimited supplies of clean energy using hydrogen as fuel and produces not greenhouse gases with the only waste product being helium.

However, the challenge of getting the plasma to reach 100m centigrade which is 7 times hotter than the sun is no mean feat. The current design keeps this contained in a donut shaped bottle. There is also so work to be done to turn the fast moving particles into electricity.

Tokamak Energy is a private company that is looking for further investment to make fusion available to the electric grid by 2030.

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