The Sellafield Ltd fantastic 2017!

The above YouTube video issued by Sellafield Ltd on their website and social media channels shows the amazing progress that has been made during the year on nuclear decommissioning from within one of the most challenging site environments in the world.

Below is an excerpt of the highlights of the video and links to the attributable companies / enterprises that have been involved.

[If you have further information or with have missed anyone please let us know as we'd love to give credit to everyone involved.]

  • Reached... the top of the stack with the Nuvia Ltd self climbing platform.

  • Cut... the deflector plates in the Pile Fuel Cladding Silo.

  • Completed... all of the hole cutting on the Pile Fuel Cladding Silo.

  • Built... the first Interim Storage Facility.

  • Installed... the building crane and cladding on one of the waste stores.

  • Returned... highly active waste to customers in Switzerland and Japan.

  • Eliminated... the risk of ageing pipes in a legacy pond.

  • Exported... the first ever u-bit bin containing fuel fragments.

  • Social impact... strategic support for nuclear skills via the National College for Nuclear at Lakes College.

  • Social impact... investment in Whitehaven Campus.

  • Social impact... employee fund raising.

  • Social impact... working with the supply chain.

  • Social impact... inspiring the future generations.

  • Celebrated... the first graduates of the Project Academy.

  • Recognised... leading the way in apprentice excellence.

  • Proud... of employees' personal achievements. Gary running 100 marathons.

  • Won... the Process Safety category IchemE Global Awards. Alan Parry, John Bradshaw and team.

  • Congratulated... more than 130 newly graduated apprentices.

  • Placed... the first cohort of newly graduated project management apprentices.

  • Accredited... to new international environmental and quality standards.

  • Lowered...the water level in a legacy pond for the first time.

  • Completed... the new evaporator and started operating.

  • Exported... the 100th drum of legacy pond sludge.

  • Emptied... two of the four reactors at Calder Hall.

  • Continued... excellent safety performance.

  • Picked up... 9 RoSPA gold awards.

  • Launched... the Programme and Project Partners (PPP) procurement model.

  • Manufactured... the first 'production line' 3m3 waste boxes from Darchem.

  • Tested... and validated the first waste 'package' from TSP.

  • Collaborated... with OC Robotics and TWI Ltd to trial the Lasersnake.

  • Inspected... one of our tallest building using an aerial drone.

  • Successfully... sonar mapped the magazine transfer bay.

  • Introduced... a brand new Sellafield Ltd Strategy and Transformation Plan.

  • Redeployed... some staff to Pre-Ops and Project Management.

  • Celebrated... the successful assembly of the silo emptying machine manufactured by Ansaldo Nuclear Ltd.

  • Equipping... their people with skills for future operations.

  • Installed... the new REEL SAS East End Crane in one of the silos.

  • Deployed... the Alexis robot into silo compartment.