Set up your Get Into Nuclear Profile

At our #1 aim is attract new people into the UK nuclear industry and put them in front of nuclear employers. The way that we aim to do this is to provide our members with the forum to showcase their experience and transferable skills. These profiles are searchable by nuclear employers allowing them to contact you directly.

The Nuclear Industry has a requirement for 40-60,000 new workers over the next 5-10 years and a recent assessment by the government supported NSSG stated that over 80% of these jobs have skills that are transferrable from other industries...therefore your chances of finding work in the UK Nuclear Industry are more than excellent.

So, how do you setup your Get Into Nuclear profile? Follow our guide below....

Start at the homepage and click on the menu item "Members Page" to start the process of logging in or signing up.

You will be greeted with the above page which will allow you to sign up using your email address and password or you can sign up using your FaceBook account. Make sure that you read and accept our Privacy Policy and agree to join our community.

Once you sign-up you will need to wait until you are approved as a member by the Get Into Nuclear admin. This will usually be immediately but will definitely be within 24 hours.

If you are already a member you can click on the "Log in" link under the "Go" button.

Once your membership is approved you will be greeted with the above email. Simply click on the "Got to Site" button and you will be taken to the homepage. Click on the "Members Page" and select the "Log in" option. Sign in and you'll be taken to the below Get Into Nuclear Members Page. This page is being constantly updated so may not look exactly like the below.

A follow-up post will run you through all of your benefits of being a member. The post is specifically about creating your Get Into Nuclear profile which can be viewed by Nuclear Employers. To do this click on the "My Account" option below the members icon.

Once on the membership page feel free to update your details and add a photo. These will be used for all our of membership facilities including our membership forum. To create your profile click on "Edit Candidate Profile".

You will then be taken to the Submit Your Profile page. This is where you get to create your profile, upload your CV and your profile picture. When completing your profile it is important to outline you key skills separated by a comma, use a professional picture if possible (we haven't done so well in our example) and to ensure that your highlights are succinct and key to the role that you are looking for. Uploading your CV and profile picture is very easy to do.

Congratulations you have created your Get Into Nuclear profile. We will be adding further updates to the profile pages and will keep in contact with you as the updates are added. To make the most of you membership we recommend regularly visiting the Membership Page to familiarise yourself with the UK Nuclear Industry, the Roles, the Opportunities and how you can get into nuclear.

Get over to the homepage to start the process. Click here to open a New Window so that you can follow the above instructions.