Private investors raise hopes of new model for UK nuclear new builds

The Financial Times reports EDF’s financing plans for Sizewell could help to transform sector by:

Stating that the UK’s long term objective is to fund nuclear power through the private sector and

Copying an existing design, such as Hinkley Point C, reducing costs.

That being said the liability in the event of a nuclear accident remains a key concern of investors. 

The adds that EDF, the French energy group, has begun talks with “a dozen” private investors about backing the construction of a new nuclear power plant in eastern England.

The reasons for the strategy is that the energy industry and the British government are under pressure to consider new financing models because of the high costs of EDF’s planned new reactors in south-west England. 

However some industry experts are nevertheless cautious about the nuclear industry’s ability to attract private investors, including pension funds.

The question of who bears liability in the event of a nuclear accident is one keyconcern for investors. 

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