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Updated: Jan 23, 2020

Momentum Builds for UK Government to Self-Fund New Nuclear Plants

Greentech Media – John Parnell – Jan 15

When the U.K. government unveiled the contract for difference (CFD) for EDF's Hinkley Point C in 2012 it proudly exclaimed that it proved new nuclear did not need direct subsidy. Since then, three other U.K. projects have been put on an indefinite…

India / Government To Consider Foreign Direct Investment In Nuclear, Say Reports – Central Office – Jan 10

Independent news and information for and about the global nuclear industry For nuclear incidents, NucNet operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week Daily, weekly and monthly newsletters Access to infographics for subscribers to use in their own…

Spent MOX fuel removed at Ikata nuclear plant, 1st time in Japan


Spent mixed oxide fuel has been removed from a reactor at a nuclear power plant in western Japan in the first such operation in Japan, the plant operator said Tuesday. Shikoku Electric Power Co. said it pulled out one of the 16 MOX fuel rods from…

Depleted Uranium - Nuclear Waste - Nuclear Power Waste

Popular Mechanics – Caroline Delbert – Jan 13, 2:07 PM

In new research, scientists used depleted uranium to catalyze turning ethylene into ethane. Scientists are always searching for ways to safely use depleted uranium, including in warfare and in nuclear energy. The reaction works by combining…

EDF keeps nuclear output target steady for 2020

Reuters – Reuters Editorial – Jan 13, 5:06 AM

PARIS Jan 13 (Reuters) - France this year is targeting roughly the same nuclear power output it aimed for 2019 at around 395 terawatt hours (TWh), an executive at power utility EDF said on Monday. EDF missed its 2019 target, with nuclear output…

UAE says to start first nuclear reactor in 'months' – AFP – Jan 13, 7:55 AM

The United Arab Emirates' first nuclear power plant will start operating within a 'few months' after repeated delays to meet safety and regulatory conditions, two energy officials said Monday. The first of the four nuclear reactors at the Barakah…

Canada nuclear plant: Alert about incident sent in error

BBC News – Jan 12, 7:53 AM

An emergency alert about an incident at a nuclear power plant in southern Canada was sent to mobile phones by mista ke, officials say. The warning said staff were responding to an incident at the Pickering Nuclear Generating Station east of Toronto.

Nuclear Hot Cell - Nuclear Power Plants - Nuclear Energy

Popular Mechanics – Caroline Delbert – Jan 8, 12:02 PM

Hot cells are strongly enclosed facilities where scientists can safely experiment on nuclear fuels. Ongoing research at hot cell facilities has helped scientists make smaller, safer nuclear reactors. The HFEF facility tests materials in multiple…