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The nuclear jobs of the week posts aim to provide information on the skills, qualifications and experience required to land yourself a role within the UK Nuclear Industry. Get Into Nuclear have no affiliation with the company advertising the role which can be found here on the EDF Energy Jobs Portal at the time of posting.

We've highlighted the key points in yellow with nuclear specific in green and provided links to further information below to help you in your pursuit of getting into nuclear.

Nuclear Mechanical Project Engineer

Recruiter: EDF Energy

Location: Various, UK

Employment Type: Permanent

Rate of Pay: £27,500

Application deadline: 17-Nov-2017

Company Overview

EDF Energy is a core part of the EDF Group and is one of the largest energy companies in Europe with key business operations in France, the UK, Germany and Italy. In the UK they have approximately 15,000 employees. EDF Energy are the UK’s leading generator and supplier of low carbon energy. They produce about one-fifth of the nation’s electricity from our nuclear, coal and gas power stations, wind farms, and combined heat and power plants. They have a focus on safe, dependable energy generation and an ethos of service excellence. They intend to play a leading role in new nuclear build in the UK and secure a ‘bright’ future for the combined business and its employees.

Opportunity Overview

This is an exciting time for the energy industry and as part of the Commercial Graduate Scheme you will be at the forefront of innovation as EDF Energy build a sustainable future for their business and their customers. At EDF Energy they want to be their customers’ energy partner of choice. They aim to deliver fair value and a great experience for their customers and, in an ever-changing world with new technologies; the opportunities to deliver this are endless. On the Commercial Graduate Scheme you will lead the way on this journey as you learn about the energy business, and develop the skills and knowledge to drive commercial decisions and future strategy for the EDF Energy Customers business unit.

Job Description

The EDF Energy Customers business area is responsible for buying and managing the energy needed; developing and selling products and services; and delivering and managing the processes and channels needed to serve customers. This two-year Commercial programme is designed to help you develop the tools, skills and expertise needed to progress through EDF Energy. They have designed placements that give you experience in key areas across the Customers business and enable you to develop the skills that are critical to the success of EDF Energy. You will spend six months in four different assignments, where you will build up a broad set of skills, with the opportunity to specialise towards the end of the programme. Assignments could include: Sales & Marketing: The Sales & Marketing team is focused on understanding the 3 main customer types (residential, business and large commercial partnerships) to deliver energy, services and non-energy sales. Opportunities range from getting involved in commercial strategy or pricing policy, through to delivering a marketing campaign or exploring new revenue streams. You could be designing and launching new tariffs or creating digital products and campaigns. Wholesale Markets Optimisation:

This is where your commercial acumen and analytical skills will come to the fore as you help manage energy market risk and the non-operational costs for Customers. Your responsibilities could include providing commercial support and challenge to the business, undertaking modelling and analysis, producing accurate demand forecasts, or helping to maximise the value of assets and minimise risks. Customer Operations: Within Customer Operations, you will deliver and manage the processes and channels needed to serve the customers of EDF Energy. In this business area you can get involved in some of the back office functions, such as billing and revenue collection or helping to drive the digital and data strategy and proposition for the Customers business. Innovation: You’ll be working on projects within the ‘Blue Lab’. Here EDF Energy investigate, test and trial new and innovative ideas that could add real value to customers and business. These could involve areas such as new low carbon technologies, energy generation solutions, smart technology, digital services and tools for customers to manage their own demand. You will be leading the way when it comes to innovation, by harnessing brilliant ideas and transforming them into a reality that will change customers’ relationship with energy. Business Change: Here is where you can gain hands-on experience of managing projects and business change across the Customers business. Acting as an internal partner to the business, there will be opportunities to work on different types of project that impact people, systems and ways of working. Working with various teams, it’s an excellent way to learn about the whole organisation. Smart Metering: Smart meters are the energy industry’s new technology designed to help consumers have more control over their energy consumption. Customers can see how much energy they’re using, what it’s costing and to top it off; they’ll receive accurate bills without having to read their meter.

With installations well underway, this is an opportunity to be involved in one of the company’s largest projects.

Key Accountabilities

Towards the end of this two-year graduate programme, you’ll be supported in deciding what your next career move will be within EDF Energy. The Customers business unit offers a wide range of opportunities as your next step. The great thing about this Graduate Programme is that it opens doors to so many careers. A year after you’ve completed the programme, you could be providing key insights and analysis within a Commercial team, leading a project for Business Change, working on a Marketing campaign, or developing ideas within Blue Lab that will impact the market. A little further down the line and you will have built up the skill set to manage a team to deliver the company targets, lead on high-profile projects or drive the strategy for the Customers business.

Required Qualifications and Skills

  • At least a 2:1 degree (or be on track to get a 2:1 when you graduate), in any discipline. If you have a postgraduate degree, they'll accept a 2:2.

  • You will demonstrate commercial acumen, excellent communication skills and an aptitude for leadership.

  • You will thrive in a fast-paced, dynamic environment; with the ability to adapt quickly to new challenges and opportunities.

  • You will be passionate about working in a customer-focused environment and developing your skills and career at EDF Energy.

  • You will be willing to relocate as required.

Get Into Nuclear

This opportunity gets us really excited at Get Into Nuclear. Excited and frustrated at the same time. This is a huge opportunity for anyone who has recently or is soon to be graduating from University to find yourself a major role in the management and development of the largest nuclear energy provider in the UK.

Nuclear is not mentioned above by EDF Energy (well we've highlighted the one word) but will definitely form a major part of this scheme for the right candidate. So what does the right candidate for this role look like...?

Luckily this role fits a broad range of graduates and looking at this opportunity by applying the Get Into Nuclear six step process to finding your way to getting into nuclear would look something like this:

#1 Know who you are: you are a graduate with a 2:1 or postgraduate with a 2:2 - IN ANY DISCIPLINE - who is able to demonstrate business acumen, communication & leadership skills and is passionate about adding value to customers.

#2 Know what you want: you are looking for a graduate scheme role within a large organisation in which you are given the opportunity to make a difference. For this role you are willing to relocate throughout the UK - Barnwood, Gloucester, Bexleyheath, Crawley, Croydon (Interchange), Doxford, Exeter, Hove or stated in the job advertisement.

#3 Know the Business: EDF Energy has an ongoing major part to play in the UK Energy production for the foreseeable future. EDF Energy currently operate all of the UK's existing fleet of Nuclear Power Plants (NPP) and are currently building the first of the Nuclear New Builds (NNB) at Hinckley Point C.

#4Know the Skills: Quite broad from a requirements point of view and open to almost anyone with a 2:1 degree. See the below YouTube video regarding how to demonstrate commercial acumen in an interview - this is tailored for lawyer/legal roles but it applicable to this interview.

#5 Know the people: This role is being recruited directly by EDF Energy which are one of the largest in the UK Nuclear Industry and will be the largest nuclear build job providers. It is always worth doing a quick LinkedIn search to see if you can find someone that you already know are working for or linked to them.

#6 Be known: if you feel that you are ready for the particular role, go for it! You can find the application page from the link above at the top of the page. If you would like us to have a review of your CV before submitting your application by all means pass this on to us via If this role is something that you would be keen to get into but need implement a little personal development in stage 4 above you may find our Nuclear Training Provider pages of use.

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