Nuclear job market set to double

Updated: Nov 17, 2019

Concerned about the impact of cuts on your job opportunities? Want a career in a growth industry? Then look to a career in the nuclear industry. New figures released show a huge potential for job opportunities across the nuclear industry. 

Already there are 65,000 people directly employed by the civil nuclear industry around the UK. That figures alone represents a steady growth, reflecting an increase of more than 2,000 people when compared to last year. Also significant is that these jobs are not concentrated in the capital, London, which job opportunities tend to be, but are spread around the country. 28,000 people employed in the nuclear industry are based in the North West, while there are 7,400 employed in the South West. Moreover, there are a range of opportunities available, for school leavers to graduates and postgraduates, with 2,000 already on apprenticeship schemes in the industry.

The number of people employed by the nuclear industry is already significant, but that number is set to grow. The projects to build Hinkley Point C, Wylfa Newydd, and Moorside, are set to create an estimated 50,000 jobs during their construction phase. Also, a minimum of 3,000 permanent jobs are likely to be created across the three sites, so says the Nuclear Industry Association . 

A single project, Hinkley Point C is set to create an estimated 25,000 job opportunities alone during construction. To add to the latter are the approximate 20,000 opportunities to be created through NuGeneration’s Moorside project in Cumbria and 6,000 during the construction of Horizon Nuclear Power’s Wylfa Newydd project in Anglesey.

The nuclear industry provides opportunities in a variety of disciplines from construction to decommissioning, manufacturing, a range of engineering fields and all the related support services. The three new build projects will extend these opportunities still further, giving you the potential to develop your skills and make headway in your chosen career. Where else could you find such skilled, well-paid jobs around the country? 

Hinkley Point C is the first new power station to be built in the UK for a generation and will represent a £18bn investment over the course of its construction. So, if you’re looking for opportunities in the South West, it could be the project to bring a life-changing opportunity to you, setting your career on the path to success. EDF has a range of opportunities available for students, job seekers and those seeking apprenticeships, so check out their website to find the right opportunity for you. To stay abreast of upcoming opportunities at the Moorside and Wylfa Newydd projects as they progress, keep an eye on their respective websites, so you don’t miss out.

What’s certain is, if you’re looking for a career in which you can make the most of your talents then the nuclear industry could be the one for you, with a wide range of opportunities available around the country, at a variety of entry levels. Moreover, you’ll be doing your bit to create low-carbon energy to meet the UK’s energy needs. 

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