Nuclear Institute Dinner 2019 - 5th December 2019 - JW Marriott Grosvenor House, London

The Nuclear Institute Dinner is the premier event for the nuclear industry in the UK, bringing together all the key players from across the industry, political scene and academia.

The Nuclear Institute Dinner in a joint NI/NIA event and follows on from the NIA Nuclear 2019 conference and exhibition which takes place earlier in the day and so offers the chance to relax and meet friends and colleagues after an interesting and insightful day of presentations and events. It is an excellent way to raise your company’€s and you personal profile.

The Nuclear Institute Dinner is attended by over 1,000 industry professionals it’s an excellent opportunity to raise your company’s profile, bring teams together and to network with colleagues whilst celebrating achievements over the last year and to consider future challenges for the sector.

Nuclear Institute Dinner speaker - Sir Ranulph Fiennes

The after dinner speaker at this years Nuclear Institute Dinner is Sir Ranulph Fiennes ('Ran' as he likes to be called), who is no stranger to entering the unknown and is described by the Guinness Book of Records as the greatest living explorer. He was one of the first people in the world to walk across the Antarctic unaided in some of the most unforgiving surroundings - now he takes of the challenge of speaking to over 1,000 nuclear professionals at the Nuclear Institute Dinner.

Explorer and former member of the SAS, Sir Ranulph Fiennes has admitted he once avoided jail time for trying to blow up a dam. He said that while on leave in the 1960s, he used leftover explosives from his military days to help a friend attempt to destroy the 20-foot concrete structure on the film set of Doctor Doolittle. Sir Ranulph said years later he discovered that he had narrowly missed spending seven years in prison for the incident.

The confession came as part of another talk when he was awarded an honorary Doctorate of Law degree at the University of Bristol.

Ranulph has cemented himself as the ultimate explorer over the past 40 years. Having served for eight years in the British Army, Ran has gone on to break numerous endurance records and was the first person to visit both the North and South Poles by surface-means, and the first to completely cross Antarctica on foot. A dedicated fundraiser for his explorations, Ran is also a prolific writer.

"Building a team with the right character and attitude is of paramount importance. Persistence, tolerance, fitness, agility and the ability to perform under extreme pressure are all factors in Ran’s remarkable endeavours – just as they are in any competitive environment. Most recently Sir Ranulph climbed highest Antarctica peak", Mount Vinson.

Ranulph inspires and entertains conference and after dinner audiences across the world. Presentations draw a connection between nature’s most dangerous and difficult challenges, and the day-to-day hurdles we all face. Teamwork, determination, patience, discipline and creative thinking are vital to the success, and sometimes the survival of Fiennes and his colleagues. We may not risk our own lives in the same way, but all these qualities are equally important in less hazardous occupations.

Check out the NIA website or the NI website for further information on how to be a part of this fantastic event. #NuclearEvents