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The nuclear jobs of the week posts aim to provide information on the skills, qualifications and experience required to land yourself a role within the UK Nuclear Industry. Get Into Nuclear have no affiliation with the company advertising the role which can be found here on the nucleargraduates portal at the time of posting.

We've highlighted the key points in yellow with nuclear specific in green and provided links to further information below to help you in your pursuit of getting into nuclear.

Recruiter: ONR

Location: North West, UK

Employment Type: Permanent

Rate of Pay: £25,000 + £1,000 "Golden Hello"

Start Date: 15-Oct-2018

Job Description

nucleargraduates is a ground-breaking graduate programme created by the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) and sponsored by organisations across the nuclear industry including Rolls-Royce, the Office for Nuclear Regulation (ONR) and Sellafield Ltd amongst others.

The two-year programme consists of three secondments chosen by you. You can expect to find yourself working with Government, on-site, with the private sector supply chain and regulatory authorities. There is also the possibility of undertaking an international secondment, to date their graduates have completed secondments with over 100 different organisations and bodies across the nuclear industry, both at home and abroad. A dedicated mentor, assigned to you upon starting the programme, will help you plan a two-year programme unique to you and your development goals.

The Office for Nuclear Regulation (ONR) independently regulates nuclear safety and security at 36 nuclear licensed sites across the UK. They are also responsible for the regulation of transport and the safeguarding of nuclear and radioactive materials with a duty is to ensure that the nuclear industry controls its hazards effectively, has a culture of continuous improvement and maintains high standards.

The nuclear industry is undergoing rapid change and ONR’s role as a regulator is vital in ensuring new nuclear facilities are designed, built and operated to the highest standards, and in a manner that improves public confidence without compromising safety or security. Also overseeing the decommissioning of nuclear sites and cooperating with international regulators their work is critical to the protection of society at large.

This role will allow you to work within the IT and Cyber Security services of ONR to deliver administration services centred around infrastructure, data management and web development. Working as an intermediary between multiple third parties you will be exposed to the IT supply chain from initial feasibility assessments and requirement gathering through to specification, procurement and implementation of new systems. Working with customers you will be responsible for delivering solutions that support customer requirements and enable modernisation of ONR through the delivery of fit for purpose IT solutions. Supporting Cyber Security you will be threading the theme of secure systems through any works carried out across ONR, gaining the ability to influence security policies and the application of process and procedures into every day practice. They will expect you to assist the business in defining innovative IT opportunities. Working in corporate services you will be pivotal in helping ONR achieve its strategic objectives and enable improvements to the regulation of the nuclear security.

Upon completion of the two year programme those chosen will start employment with the Office for Nuclear Regulation to continue their career and professional development.

Your programme will be broken down into technical and behavioural training structured against the needs of the professional institute with whom you will be working with to gain chartered status. You will come together with your fellow graduates to complete 'core' training as well as having the benefit of an individual training budget for training specific to your personal development.

On top of this, you will spend 10% of your time with them on Footprints, their corporate social responsibility programme. You will have the opportunity to become a STEM ambassador, passing on your knowledge and enthusiasm to the next generation of engineers and scientists. You will establish a start-up company, developing your commercial awareness and growing your appreciation of the challenges faced by a small business. You will work with local community projects, meeting inspirational individuals.

Candidate Profile

nucleargraduates are looking for individuals keen to learn and able to influence others through their attitude and actions. Mobility, adaptability and tenacity are crucial for this role. Most importantly, they are looking for graduates who can achieve real results whilst showing humility as an individual and in a team environment. Applicants must be driven, able to manage their own time and take full advantage of the opportunities presented to them by the scheme.

Minimum Eligibility Requirement

Candidates must have an attained or expected result of 2.2 or above in Mathematics, Science, ICT Systems, Programming, Networks of a related discipline. Masters level qualification would be desirable.

Security Requirements

Candidates will be subject to Office of Civil Nuclear Security (OCNS) Clearance Checks.

Travel Details

Applicants must be willing and able to move around the UK and overseas to complete secondments and training whilst on the nucleargraduates programme. Extensive travelling is required with relocation across the UK essential in order to complete secondments.

Application Process

Following an initial sift of applications successful applicants will be invited to complete online verbal, numerical and logical reasoning tests with a Situational Judgement Questionnaire followed by a video interview then a two-day assessment centre that will assess candidates across a range of competencies.

After the assessment centre, successful candidates will be made a formal offer of a place on the nucleargraduates programme.

Get Into Nuclear

This is the type of opportunity gets us really excited at Get Into Nuclear. Excited and frustrated at the same time. Excited by the fact that this is a huge opportunity for anyone who has recently or is soon to be graduating from University to find yourself a major role in the future cyber security of the UK Nuclear Industry. Frustrated in the fact that not enough people are being made aware of this fantastic opportunity.

Okay; so let's look at the six steps to get into nuclear:

#1 Know who you are: you are a graduate with a 2:2 or above and/or with a masters in a relevant subject such as Maths, Science, ICT Systems, Programming, Networks. You also have mobility, adaptability and tenacity to ensure success in the role.

#2 Know what you want: you are looking for a graduate scheme role within a IT and in particular Cyber Security. You are looking for a role that can really make a difference. You would like to travel with your work and wouldn't mind to relocate in the UK or overseas as required.

#3 Know the Business: ONR regulates 36 licensed nuclear sites across England, Scotland & Wales. They are the governance over the whole of the UK Nuclear Industry and as such have a huge amount of responsibility on their shoulders. With the changes to the industry and in the wider world when it come to cyber security it is a great opportunity for roles within the UK Industry that may not have existed previously.

#4Know the Skills: regarding this role the skills, qualifications, experience and competencies are that of any similar role within any industry. Where the difference could be on the successful candidate is in the application process itself.

Following an initial sift of applications successful applicants will be invited to complete online verbal, numerical and logical reasoning tests with a Situational Judgement Questionnaire followed by a video interview then a two-day assessment centre that will assess candidates across a range of competencies.

For online verbal, numerical and logical reasoning tests there are a number of free online resources, to name a couple. They are psychometric aptitude tests which are well worth brushing up on before doing the real thing to sharpen up.

Situational Judgement Tests assess how you approach situations encountered in the workplace. They test your suitability for a particular role.

The final stages are a video interview followed by a two-day workshop.

#5 Know the people: This role is being recruited by the ONR via nucleargraduates which is fantastic initiative aimed at solving the growing needed for the UK nuclear industry to attract the best graduates. The website is a great source to find out more and assess the various roles available.

#6 Be known: if you feel that you are ready for the particular role, go for it! You can find the application page from the link above at the top of the page. If you would like us to have a review of your CV before submitting your application by all means pass this on to us via If this role is something that you would be keen to get into but need implement a little personal development in stage 4 above you may find our Nuclear Training Provider pages of use.

Any feedback on our Nuclear Jobs of the Week posts are more than welcome. If you have any comments, queries, requests please comment below or contact us directly at


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