How The University Of Leeds Is Supporting Nuclear Energy Infrastructure

Nuclear power plants, Hydropower and Geothermal Energy plants are the only type of power plants able to produce abundant CO2 free Electricity “on demand” without the variability weather elements (e.g. wind and sun). Our research considers nuclear power under three different perspectives: small modular reactors, load-following and co-generation, decommissioning and end of life management. [i]

At the end of their life, many infrastructures, and energy infrastructures in particular need to be decommissioned and dismantled. Project management research has often focused on new build nuclear power projects and only in recent years has decommissioning projects and megaprojects become the focus of research efforts. Nuclear Decommissioning Projects and Programmes (NDPs) are jeopardised by several risks, long schedule and cost estimates that lie in the range of hundreds of billions of pounds. Moreover, in some countries, these estimates keep increasing and key stakeholders have a limited understanding of the determinants that engender this phenomena.

Researchers at the University of Leeds are developing an innovative methodology to benchmark decommissioning projects, both from the nuclear and non-nuclear industry, within the UK and worldwide. From this cross-sectorial and cross-country analysis, it is possible to gather a list of key NDPs' characteristic and statistically test their correlation with the project performance. The ultimate aim of the research is to investigate the possible causation between the NDPs' characteristics and the NDPs' performance and to develop guidelines to improve the selection, planning and delivery of future NDPs.

The University of Leeds, Faculty of Engineering will be supporting the MPKH Live in collaboration with Bentley Systems, to bring together a panel of experts to explore the challenge if decommissioning. Each of the panelists will have seven minutes to present their perspective on the questions raised above before we throw the event open for questions and feedback from the live audience in the Bentley Academy and the audience following the webinar on the internet.

We plan to be at the event on 30thApril – we hope you see you there.

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