FREE Cover Letter Video for job seekers

We are constantly scouring the internet for all things nuclear, all things recruitment and all things recruitment in the nuclear industry. During a recent search we come across a video promising to provide a "secret sentence" that you can use to land more job interview and job offers.

The "secret sentence" in-fact actually appears to be a great way for you to get your foot in the door and get you in front of the employer which is pretty much half of the battle.

The video is very 'American' and is part of a larger sales page aimed at getting you to sign up for a larger 'Job Seekers' Package - which looks and sounds great by the way.

Obviously due to the nature of the video the secret is only revealed at the end of the video but it is a very informative watch and who knows you may actually be interested in purchasing the product as it is a great suite that will certainly help you in your job search.

Check out the amazing video here.