Find out about the impact of the Magnox waste strategy at Hinkley Point A Site

From the Magnox Ltd website.

Magnox is seeking planning permission from Somerset County Council to move a small amount of waste to Hinkley Point A Site for interim storage.

A key part of decommissioning the Magnox sites is dealing with radioactive waste. At Hinkley Point A Site, and other Magnox sites, a proportion of the waste that needs to be managed is called intermediate level waste (ILW). This ILW needs to be packaged and stored in Interim Storage Facilities (ISFs), before its eventual disposal at a national Geological Disposal Facility (GDF).

The work followers several years of discussion and engagement with local stakeholders around the country about Magnox’s waste strategies across all their sites.

Several public drop-in sessions will be held to allow you to find out more - the details of which you can find at the link below:

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