Cavendish Nuclear Secures £2.4M Sellafield Radiometric Characterisation Services Contract

A £2.4M contract has been awarded to Cavendish Nuclear to deliver Radiometric Characterisation Services (RCS) to Sellafield Ltd. The three-year RCS framework, commencing this month, will focus on supporting the Post Operational Clean Out of redundant facilities. The work will ensure that the facilities can transition from operations to surveillance and maintenance and eventually decommissioning in the safest, most effective way.

Cavendish Nuclear and six supply chain partners, Nuvia, Createc, Viridian Consultants, South West Nuclear Hub, Parajito Scientific Corporation and Orano, will partner with the Sellafield Ltd RCS team. The contract will provide a range of characterisation services that include fifteen standard services, best-in-class innovations, and bespoke solutions to safely deliver facility and waste characterisation services to enable safer, faster decommissioning.

Peter Clark, Cavendish Nuclear Products and Services Senior Business Manager, said,

“This is a great opportunity to demonstrate the range of characterisation services available to accelerate decommissioning for both Sellafield Ltd and the wider Nuclear Decommissioning Authority group. Working in partnership with Sellafield Ltd and our supply chain partners, we will deliver technical and service delivery innovations to meet Sellafield’s complex and unique characterisation challenges.”

The RCS contract is a replacement for the Sellafield Ltd Radiometric Specialist Measurements Framework, which Cavendish Nuclear has been a framework holder since it first competed in 2006.

Cavendish Nuclear’s team of world-class scientists, technicians and engineers, based in our West Cumbrian facilities, provide the nuclear industry with a range of characterisation and analytical services, instrument maintenance and supply, and electrical obsolescence services to help solve our customer’s complex problems and ensure compliance with strict regulatory regimes.

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