ATTENTION: Apprenticeships LIVE – Nuclear – Friday 19th July

Updated: Nov 17, 2019

We have been a big advocate of Learn Live for a couple years now. The career opportunities in the nuclear industry right now are huge and it is time that the industry starts to start shouting about it!

Learn Live help to bring a world of opportunities and experiences into classrooms through FREE innovative, live, interactive broadcasts. And on Friday 19th July from 9:30am till 1:00pm they will be broadcasting live from Energus whilst meeting apprentices from different companies within the nuclear sector to discuss their journey as an apprentice and why they chose an apprenticeship in instead of continuing in full time education.

This is a must attend event event for anyone is interested, or knows of someone who will be interested in getting into nuclear.

Timings for the broadcast

9:30am – Women in Nuclear

Meet Jack Gritt, the president of Women in Nuclear.


With 34 years' experience in the nuclear industry, Jack has held a number of positions including executive management, director of operations, programme and project management, safety case management and performance and quality. In addition she is a champion for inclusion and diversity in the workplace with a keen focus on the performance benefits that can be achieved via outstanding management in this area.

Jack is a Chartered Mathematician and a founding member of the Women in Nuclear (WiN UK). In 2016 she became President of WiN UK and continues to address gender balance in the UK nuclear industry.

10:30am – Sellafield Ltd

Meet Sophie Kelly, a Health Physics Monitor and Leejay Brookes, a Project Management Degree Apprentice from Sellafield Ltd.


Sophie joined Sellafield Ltd as a Health Physics Monitor apprentice in 2017, she had previously worked in various admin roles since leaving school and wanted to change her career path. Sophie was initially attracted to an apprenticeship with Sellafield due to the fact she could continue to earn whilst she learnt a new skill, also the possibility of being retained as a permanent member of staff really appealed to her. Whilst being on the scheme, Sophie has took part in numerous extra activities such as the apprenticeship council, and organisation of charity fund raising events, something which she is particularly passionate about.

Leejay joined Sellafield in 2018. The integrated project management degree scheme with Sellafield Ltd is the first of its type in the UK and aims to provide apprentices with the essential Knowledge, Skills and Behaviours that are required by project managers worldwide.

Now 9 months in, Leejay has almost completed the first year of his Bachelor Degree studies, all whilst supporting the project team tackling one of the world’s most challenging nuclear clean-up jobs.

The company support and promote involvement of such extracurricular activities so Leejay has managed to participate in these alongside his scheme.

Leejay had the opportunity to be part of filming for National Apprentice Week on behalf of Sellafield Ltd, where he was interviewed by the Institute for Apprenticeships.

11:30am – ENERGUS

Meet Adrienne Easterbrook, the General Programme Manager, and Lucy McKenzie, an Electrical Engineering Apprentice, Elliot Routledge, an Electrical Engineering Apprentice from ENERGUS.


Starting out life as an Accountant Adrienne made a change in 2012 when she became the Finance Manager and then in 2015 the General Manager of the state of the art conference, training, and events management venue called Energus in West Cumbria. Although not exclusively supporting the nuclear industry we'll class Addrienne as a Sector Jumper and a great person to support Lucy and Elliot in providing their experiences as apprentices.

The past 18 months has seen Energus launch a selection of STEM, apprenticeship and graduate programmes as well as offering bespoke support services to the industry and sharing good practices. Adrienne believes that collaboration with other organisations is crucial, to gain further knowledge and fresh ideas to share between other institutes.

Lucy is a 21 year old electrical engineering Apprentice. Due to having a break from education for a couple of years it gave her time to decide what career path she would take, wanting to learn something new to progress a potential career in.

The biggest advantage Lucy finds about her apprenticeship is that she gains a degree whilst working in an industry level job, she is gaining valuable experience in which her skills are constantly developing and improving, preparing her to progress throughout Energus.

Lucy particularly enjoys being able to see how different company’s run and how the business side of electrical engineering works, working closely with clients and being able to work on multiple projects with multidisciplinary teams. An Apprenticeship in the Nuclear sector really surprised her as every day is a different challenge and being thrown in the deep end and trusted to work in a team to bring fresh ideas to the electrical engineering sector.

Elliot is studying Electrical Engineering. Elliot studied physics, maths, design and ICT at sixth form and planned on taking on a degree apprenticeship when he finished school but was unsure how to get into one.

He felt doing an apprenticeship would suit him personally as he wants the relevant industry experience and knowledge as well as earning a wage without going to university.

Elliot always had a passion for the nuclear sector but after school was unsure how to get into this sector without being in full time education.

The opportunity arose in West Cumbria to do a Degree Apprenticeship and he felt this was a path well suited to his academic needs and was too good to miss out on. He is now in his second year of electrical engineering hoping to develop his skills further and ultimately keep learning at what he enjoys to grasp an understanding of what line of work within the Nuclear sector he is best suited too.

12:30pm – EDF Energy

Meet 2 apprentices and a recruiter from EDF Energy


EDF Energy are proud to be the UK's largest producer of low-carbon electricity. They believe that they can create a cleaner, low-carbon future. Through innovation, dedication, and a firm commitment to electric and renewable energy – EDF Energy believe they can change everyone’s future for the better.

To stand behind this claim EDF Energy are building two new nuclear reactors at Hinkley Point C in Somerset, the first in a new generation of nuclear power stations in the UK providing low-carbon electricity for around six million homes.

And it’s not just about power. They are putting local benefits at the heart of Hinkley Point C, aiming to deliver as many of the long-term benefits it will stimulate to Somerset and the South West.

Hinkley Point C will:

  • Create over 25,000 new employment opportunities

  • Provide huge opportunities for local, national and international businesses

  • Bring lasting benefits to communities throughout the South West

At Hinkley Point C, the aspiration of EDF Energy is to create 1,000 apprenticeships over the course of construction. The wide range of skills required to build the power station means there really is opportunity for everyone. EDF Energy apprentices will also play a crucial role in operating and maintaining the power station throughout its 60 years of operation. So far they have supported the creation of 250 apprenticeships.

This event is being set up by LearnLive Events who cannot make it any easier for you to attend... so no excuses!

All you need to do is head over to the LearnLive Apprenticeships LIVE – Nuclear webpage and register for the event.

We cannot stress enough how much of an opportunity an apprenticeship is in the nuclear industry is right now - the degree apprenticeships alone are a reason to want to find out more.

We'll see you there!