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A Review of Unlimited Power by Tony Robins

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

We took notes on the Tony Robbins Ultimate Power audio-book on and thought that we would share the notes here, firstly as a reference point rather than scribbles in a notepad and secondly as this may be useful to others.

“The quality of my life is the quality of my communication” — to know if an experience is good or bad, you need to be able to communicate with yourself. — communication with others gives us a sense of connectedness — 7% of human communication is the words used, 55% is physiology (body posture, facial expressions, breathing pace etc.)

Tony Robbins was down and out and living on the street. He, at the time, had, however, recently attended a seminar from Jim Rohn from which he took away 2 key points:

  1. it is not what happens but what you do with what happens

  2. for things to get better, you need to change

For the second point, Tony Robbins took it upon himself to work hard to gain as much knowledge as possible. However, knowledge is not enough. You need Personal Power!

Personal Power means the ability to act. To take action!

To reiterate the meaning of Personal, Power Col. Sanders (the founder of KFC) was used as an example. At the age of 65, he pitched and received a “no” from no less than 1,009 business' before he got his first “yes” from someone who agreed to sell his chicken recipe. How many of you would have quit at the 1st "No"? How many after the 3rd? How many after the 100th? How many after the 1000th?

“Affirmation without discipline is the beginning of delusion. Affirmation with discipline create miracles.”

The 3 Steps to Personal Power

#1 Energy

The example used to explain this is that “you need to get yourself to the gym…” only you can do this. You need to have the desire to make the change in your life. If you don't have the desire to get to the gym, you can't undertake the training to improve your fitness. It is the same with personal power - you need to turn up.

#2 Skill

1/ specifically define what you want, 2/ specifically define what others want and find a way to fill others needs quickly and elegantly. If you can master this skill, you’ll fulfil all of your wants. (Tony Robbins used NLP here to help meet others needs).

Tony Robbins is a believer that talents are developed. To do "2/" above and find a way to fulfil what others want, you need to model human excellence…

  1. Duplicate their belief systems (“what you believe you can achieve”)

  2. Duplicate their mental syntax [note to self you look into this]

  3. Duplicate their physiology (posture, breathing, tonality, facial expression, tension/relaxation etc.) Tony Robbins believes that how you act determines how people use their brains and behave around you.

If you follow the above three steps, you will have the potential to squeeze 20–30 years of learning into one day!

If you see someone who is successful? If you want the same success, model them!

#3 Fear

Turn your fear into power. Simple.

The 7 disciplines of success:

1. I always act from personal power — I realise there are no failures but only results/outcomes. — I always succeed in producing results. No failures! Just learns!

2. I am responsible for my world. I take Charge! — believe* that all that has happened to you in your life results from your actions/thoughts. — “If you don’t like it, change it!”

3. I am constantly stretching. – Force a scenario where you have to perform!

  • Commit self to do something beyond your present ability

  • Make this commitment public

  • Model someone who has already done it

  • Act — follow the model. Act like you know what to do!

4. I am committed to unconsciousness competency. — ‘flip the switch’ You don’t need to know how it works.

5. I always act from personal integrity — Integrity means being true to yourself. — TR makes sure that he always lies* within integrity. — Daily, chose your actions that match your beliefs*.

6. The meaning of communication is the response that you get. — if you don’t like the response, you need to change your approach — intentions mean nothing. Results mean everything. Keep changing your approach until you get the results you want.

7. I am committed to doing WEIT (whatever it takes) — walk your talk. Don’t be interested. Be committed!

The 7 things to look at in your life to make a change. 7 character traits of the successful:

  1. Have a purpose — what can I get passionate about?

  2. Belief — believe in your ability to achieve

  3. Strategy — organise to do things to get results

  4. Values — be clear about what’s most important in your life.

  5. Energy level — assess diet and how to eat to maximise energy

  6. Bonding Power — find a way of connecting what you’re doing with others

  7. Develop Communication Skills — work on these.

“The quality of my life is the quality of my communication”

* Tony Robbins encourages you to think of the word "lie" when talking about your beliefs. This is not because they are lies but to remind you that they are the beliefs that you impose on yourself. They are not laws, are different to each and every one of us and can be changed with the correct desire.


Okay, so why is this relevant to Get Into Nuclear, you may be saying??

This website is aimed at people who are looking to find out how they can find a job in the UK nuclear industry. If you have come to this site with the desire to get into nuclear, you will be well served to demonstrate much of the above. We try to put you in a position to fully understand your goals, desire for a new role, and model success.

These all boil down to three key questions:

- Do you have the KNOWLEDGE? Is it clear what you want and what you need to do to be successful?

- Do you have the ABILITY? Do you have the skills and experience to land the role? If not, do you know what courses are available to you to develop yourself?

- Do you have the DESIRE? Are you willing to act to succeed?

The above will help you with all three of these, but in particular, the third question.

Hopefully, you enjoyed this quick summary, and it will encourage you to do some further research and implement it.


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