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No downtime: more than 2.5 billion people are in lockdown in over 50 countries due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and if you are one of them, you may want to consider the IAEA’s offering of online courses on nuclear related subjects, from basic to advanced.

Hundreds of courses are available via the Cyber Learning Platform for Network Education and Training (CLP4NET). Thanks to this initiative launched in March 2016, more than 27 000 people have already joined online courses on nuclear safety and security, radiation protection, sustainable energy development, the use of nuclear applications and more.

Accessible to anyone who registers, the trainings are developed for people studying, teaching or working in the field of nuclear science and technology. This includes, among others, regulators, plant operators, health professionals or crime scene specialists working with radiation technologies.

“The content is very useful for everyone working in the nuclear field. The phrases used are easy to understand and the arrangement of the scientific content is designed in a professional way. Also, the examination method allows the student to retrieve the parts that he did not understand well,” said an e-learner.

Once registered, e-learners can access a wide spectrum of trainings including for most of them an interactive and/or multimedia component. Many courses are available in all IAEA official languages.

The online courses help to fill gaps in knowledge and overcome barriers in career development.

“The course was very valuable and important for my career in the nuclear field, as it has enabled me to take better decisions,” said another e-learner.

Click here to discover the online courses and register.

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