Project Manager: Salary, Job Description, How To Become One, and Where to Apply

Project Managers

Roles within the Project Management function have many commonalities with other industries; these transferrable skills give you a great chance to Sector Jump into nuclear.


It is usual that nuclear experience is desirable but is not essential. With the new build scope of work comprising 80% non-nuclear work, project managers, project engineers, and project administrators are in high demand.

Salary: $74,562 per year

Job Satisfaction: Very High

Transferability: Very High

Education: Relevant PM Qualification

Job Growth: High

Personality: xxxx

Nuclear Project Manager
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Job Description

Project Manager - the Project Manager is the single point of contact on the client/customer-facing side and the single point of accountability on the business/delivery aspects of the work. They are responsible for the ultimate success of the project. 


"Project Manager" is a loose term at the best of times, and it is probably more loosely used in the UK Nuclear Industry than any other due to the extensive range of work. You will find the job title "Project Manager" can be easily interchangeable with Project Engineer, Sub-Project Manager and Project Lead. Varying responsibilities from managing a £10k tooling job to a £100m decommissioning project - the candidate for both these roles may have the same job title; however, the skill set required to fulfil the position can be very different.


So how do you know when looking at potential opportunities which ones are for you? We have tried numerous ways but continue to find that the best way is to search existing live roles; you can see these at our nuclear job board.

Typical Day At Work

"My typical day starts with interacting with the people in my project to ensure that everyone is clear on what we plan to do and that no blockers affect us in achieving our plan. If there are issues, it is my job to problem-solve them. The rest of the day can be quite variable, depending upon the stage of the project. Interactions will range from site visits, risk reviews, progress updates or planning future works. At the moment, we are seeking funding to start the next phase of our works."

Other Responsibilities

Besides their typical day, Project Managers also need to manage the expectations of their key stakeholders. These include the end-users, financial sponsor, their own senior management and their wider delivery team. Much of a Project Managers time is spend in progress reviews, providing status updates and managing key relationships.

Separately, many Project Managers provide support to others in the form of training, advising and mentoring. Often with a technical decision having made the choice to enter management 5-10 years into their career, the experience of the typical Project Manager is perfect to support the next generation of workers. 

Working Life

Working Hours:

Standard 37.5 hour week

Regular schedule like a 9 to 5

Although contracted to 37.5 hours per week in a typical week, it is not unusual for a Project Manager to regularly work between 42 and 45 hours per week. 

Much of a Project Managers 9 to 5 is taken up on meetings and generally 'walking the floor' speaking with the people in their teams. 

Is This Right For Me

Best Personality for this career:


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