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We believe in a nuclear industry that is accessible to everyone

WHY we do what we do
HOW we are going to do it
WHAT we do

We help nuclear employers attract a new and diverse resource pool that works because we're built differently.

We provide numerous products and services that help inspire people to want to get into nuclear, based around the four common objections that we regularly hear about the nuclear industry;

- We don't know you.

- We don't like you.

- We don't have the skills.

- We don't know where to look.


A recent intervention by the UK government states that all public procurement needs to include a social value weighting of at least 10% within the scoring of the assessment criteria for social value in any tender. In our opinion, we see this as a huge opportunity to deliver what we have been trying to do all along - help the nuclear industry provide social value by making job opportunities in the sector open to all. 


Get Into Nuclear is set up to provide 13 of the 38 ways to add social value according to the National TOMs. These include 'more people in local employment', 'more opportunities for disadvantaged people', 'improved skills for local people', 'improved employability of young people' and 'a workforce and culture that reflect the diversity of the local community'.

Win #1: we help you provide social value to your community.

Win #2: we help increase your employee engagement, morale and retention.

Win #3: we help you to win work.

WHO we with work with

We are grateful to support 

incredible nuclear employers.

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Press coverage isn't everything. But when you're on a mission to change the world for the better, people will talk about you.

Get Into Nuclear is starting to make waves. From being re-tweeted from the big names in nuclear, to magazine articles and guest speaking at events. Our Founder was even quoted in CNBC a couple weeks back.

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