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What do we do?

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Updated: 11th January 2020

What do we do?

What does your advice say?
Why Get Into Nuclear?

Get Into Nuclear aims to create a nuclear industry that provides opportunities for well-paying long-term jobs to everyone - regardless of background, address or disability.

We do this by providing support to help people start or switch careers (sector jump) into the nuclear industry. There is currently a high demand for workers, and this is forecast to grow.

In more depth, we:

  1. Provide information or links to information that give a factual overview of the nuclear industry and nuclear technology.

  2. Research and identify the range of career opportunities available within the nuclear industry.

  3. Produce online content to inform people about these opportunities and how to apply for them. We have created a career hub, job board, nuclear worker profiles, and nuclear employer reviews.

  4. Give one-to-one support to help people define their route into nuclear. We do this via our Six-Step To Get Into Nuclear online course and provide advice, introductions and placements into specific jobs where we can.

Additionally, we support nuclear organisations that want to focus on social impact ambitiously

This work forms part of a nuclear organisations social impact strategy:

  1. ​We provide the opportunity to showcase a nuclear company on the website by allowing their employees to tell the story of their route into nuclear.

  2. We hold one-day workshops to best use online content to raise their company's profile and attract candidates from a new, diverse resource pool.

  3. We give nuclear companies to engage directly in the classrooms of schools and colleges, humanising the industry and inspires young people to want to work in the sector.

  4. We are allowing nuclear employers the chance to advertise roles directly onto our job board, making job opportunities accessible to an audience who would not usually have visibility of such positions.

Our advice is for people aged 15-35 who want to pursue a fulfilling career ambitiously. However, the nuclear jobs advertised are useful to anyone of working age.

Read more about our current client programmes here.

Why Get Into Nuclear?

How did you get started?

If the nuclear industry wants to make a positive impact due to its undertakings, helping people with their choice of career is probably the best opportunity to do so.

The average person is estimated to work about 80,000 hours during their life. It is therefore vital that people use this time most effectively. By impacting the globe, we believe that the nuclear industry provides a means to use this time effectively.

Each individual will have different views on how they can best use their time. We exist to offer the nuclear industry as one option.

We believe that a more diverse range of people would welcome the opportunity to work in the nuclear industry if more information was available in the relevant places.

How Did You Get Started?

What does your advice say?

Our founder made his way into the nuclear industry via an unorthodox route. Due to this, he was often asked: "how did you get into nuclear?" Happy to answer the question but increasingly frustrated in his inability to answer the follow-up question "how can I get into nuclear?" he decided to take matters into his own hands and create

Fast-forward 4 years and the nuclear industry has come some way. The answer to "how can I get into nuclear" is now much more easily answered. Thus changing the focus, and the "why" of Get Into Nuclear.

In mid-2020, we completely overhauled the Get Into Nuclear website. Over the last six months, we have been spreading the word and looking to take the business to the next level.


We have appeared on webinars, feature on websites, we have a growing social media presence, have been profiled in trade magazines, and CNBC has even quoted us.

What does your advice say?

What audience is this advice aimed at?

Our nuclear career hub gives a breakdown of our most important advice as it currently stands. This includes what we mean by 'social impact', an overview of the industry, how you can sector jump and guidance on how you can showcase your transferable skill to nuclear employers. In fact, nearly all of this advice can be used to get a job in any industry.

What audience is this advice aimed at?

What impact have you had so far?

Our advice is for anyone who has transferrable skills and a drive to work in an impact sector. Based in the UK the site is currently for English-speaking people. We are working to make the information more international.

We provide an overview of the types of roles available in the nuclear industry and advise where to find out more about the specific skills and experience needed to land a job. The majority of people that contact us are either about to start college, just leaving university or interested in changing careers from another sector. Our visitors are a broad range of people but the advice is the same. It is the skills of the individual jobs that differ. 

More recently, our marketing has focussed on people who do not necessarily know there is a job for them in nuclear. People don't tend to search on google for "nuclear jobs" or "nuclear work". They will be searching for "electrical engineering jobs" or "business development roles".

The advice on the site applies to other industries. We want everyone to be aware of the opportunities in nuclear.

What impact have you had so far?

What are your plans for the future?

We've had over 120,000 readers and given one-to-one advice to hundreds of people. There have been numerous people that have told us they have changed their career after reading our site. Maybe this does not sound like much, but most of these have been during the last month of 2020. Things are starting to ramp up.

Our focus is starting to change, and we are, from 2021 going to track our impact through surveys. These will count the number of career plan changes and "sector jumpers". We will then have the ability to monitor them as we go.

Measuring our impact is now our #1 focus. Although a challenge by utilising the support and involvement of nuclear organisations, we are confident that we can significantly impact. Through our work, the nuclear industry, and organisations directly involved will demonstrate a positive social impact with associated diversity, equity and inclusion.

What are your plans for the future?

How are you funded?

We're aiming to grow our impact over ten-fold between year one (2021) and year three (2023). We will continue with our online advice, and recruit a team of around 25 to give one-to-one advice on getting into nuclear around the world.

Given the current status of the climate issue and ongoing works to de-carbonise energy production across the globe, we will be focussing on building a community of workers keen to enter the nuclear industry. There is much good work being undertaken by enthusiastic nuclear activists right now. They are making a case for nuclear, and they will succeed.


We see it as our job to provide the best source of advice for people who will want to work on delivering the promise of clean energy that the nuclear industry has to offer.

Given how neglected many of these issues are, we have the potential to become one of the largest sources of talented people looking to work in the nuclear industry.

How are you funded?

Our Partners

We're currently self-funded by workers in the nuclear industry who are passionate about the sector. All our content is free, except for the online course, which is priced at £7 as we had found that this leads to more people completing the system than when it was available for free.


We are in talks with several nuclear organisations interested in providing support. They expect us to have an enormous social impact by helping people bring about net-zero through changing careers. 

Diversity and inclusion

Our Partners

We have many friends in the industry and make referrals daily. We are featured on the Learn Live UK website and are part of the Sizewell C Consortium.

We currently have no sponsors or affiliates. However, you will see the odd advertisement dotted around the site.

Diversity and inclusion

How can you get involved?

One of the critical foundations of what we are trying to build with Get Into Nuclear is that we create a diverse workforce and an open industry. With this in mind, we strive to work with people from different races, gender identities, sexual orientations, nationalities, disabilities and more.

Although employing a consistent effort, we will regularly seek outside help and guidance, such as unconscious bias training. We aim to make our systems, content, and policies more equitable and inclusive.

How can you get involved?

  • To learn about our advice, head over to our Career Hub.

  • To start up to date with our progress, join our newsletter.

  • Please find others by joining our LinkedIn group.

  • Get Updates on our progress as an organisation (this is the first one)

  • A Nuclear Business that wants to get involved? Contact Us

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