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Project Management, Engineering, Manufacturing, Commissioning, Site Works

Ansaldo Nuclear

Ansaldo Nuclear provides an in-house, fully combined capability which includes design, engineering, manufacturing, assembly, testing, commissioning, site installation and integrated logistics through-life support of bespoke solutions for all of the four nuclear business lines in which they operate.

Project Management, Engineering, Manufacturing, Commissioning, Site Works,


Enabler of energy & digital revolutions


BD Nuclear Ltd

Innovative Diamond Wire Specialists in the Nuclear Industry.

Project Management, Engineering, Manufacturing, Commissioning, Site Works

Cavendish Nuclear

Creating a safe and secure world, together.

SME, Project Management,

Co-Lab Engineering

Bringing large organisations and SMEs from multiple sectors together to solve engineering challenges rapidly.

Project Management, Tendering, SME

Dave Polkey Associates Ltd

Simplifying the unnecessarily complicated.

Project Management, Engineering, Manufacturing


Together, we can beat the climate crisis. Together, we can help Britain achieve net zero.

Project Management, SME


Strategy consulting and technical advisory firm, working on projects that are community minded and globally focused.

Project Management, SME

Integrated Nuclear Group

Growing the nuclear supply chain by introducing and developing companies to support the needs of the nuclear industry

Social Value

Kärnfull Energi

Sweden’s first 💯% nuclear electricity provider. We donate money to science per kWh. Join the #ecorational movement!

Project Management, Engineering,

Kärnfull Next

This is next-gen Nordic Nuclear – decarbonizing hydrogen, electricity, synfuels and heat. After pioneering 100% nuclear electricity contracts via Kärn

Marketing, Social Value, Job Board, SME

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