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Project Controls Managers

The Project Controls Manager is responsible for project monitoring, providing the project manager, the client, and senior management with information on the scope, progress, costs and forecast completion, and ultimate spending while actively managing project risks. Typically, the PCM has a team of resources to help manage all of their responsibilities, such as a Project Planner, Cost Engineer and Risk Practitioner. This support may or may not be centrally pooled resources via a Project Management Office (PMO). 

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Job Description

Project Controls Manager - Working as part of an often multi-disciplined team, project controllers use a wide variety of skills, tools and techniques to influence the outcome of a project constructively.

If you think of a project flying a plane, the project controller is the navigator to the project manager ‘pilot’. A pilot flying a small two-seater doesn’t need a navigator; it’s part of their role. If they’re flying a Boeing 747, though, they’ll need a navigator checking they’re going in the right direction, going fast enough and with enough fuel to get where they need to go. That navigator is the project controller.

The pilot is still flying the plane – but won’t reach the destination successfully without the navigator.

Typical Day At Work

My typical day starts by interacting with the people in my project to ensure that everyone is clear on what we plan to do and no blockers are affecting us in achieving our plan. If there are issues, it is my job to problem-solve them. The rest of the day can be quite variable, depending upon the stage of the project. Interactions will range from site visits, risk reviews, progress updates or planning future works. At the moment, we are seeking funding to start the next phase of our works.

Other Responsibilities

Besides their typical day, Project Managers also need to manage the expectations of their key stakeholders. These include the end-users, financial sponsor, their own senior management and their wider delivery team. Much of a Project Managers time is spend in-progress reviews, providing status updates and managing key relationships.

Separately, many Project Managers provide support to others in the form of training, advising and mentoring. Often with a technical decision having made the choice to enter management 5-10 years into their career, the experience of the typical Project Manager is perfect to support the next generation of workers. 

Working Life

Working Hours:

Standard 37.5 hour week

Regular schedule like a 9 to 5

In a typical week, although contracted to 37.5 hours per week it is not unusual for a Project Manager to regularly work between 42 and 45 hours per week. 

Much of a Project Managers 9 to 5 is taken up on meetings and generally 'walking the floor' speaking with the people in their teams. 

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