Engineering In The Nuclear Industry

Engineering is a broad term; a quick google search of "become an engineering in the nuclear industry" brings up an extensive range of varying results, so it is a good idea to be clear in what is meant by engineering in the intent of this section.


For our purpose, Engineering encompasses the disciplines associated with the design elements of work, including Mechanical Design, Electrical, Control and Instrumentation (EC&I) design, Process design, Civil, Structural and Architectural (CS&A) design and Analysis. All elements associated with Project Management, Quality, Health, Safety & Environmental (HSE), Manufacturing and Site Works are covered elsewhere.

Design Engineering
The Role
The Role

There are various roles available from Principal to Design Engineer. in all of the Mechanical, EC&I, Analysis, Process and CS&A functions. All roles revolve around the production of designs that satisfy a technical specification. They need to be supported by providing verification and validation of these designs, participating in any radiological and conventional safety reviews and providing relevant required documentation which will be used to take the design from paper to realisation and completion.

Nuclear Engineering
The Profile

An engineer's profile in the UK Nuclear Industry is very much job specific regarding qualifications and experience. The aim of the site is not to go into the details of each specific job role. The best place to look for job descriptions is on the job advertisements themselves. We've pre-searched a couple of them below for you to find out further information.


It is however worth considering that as a minimum the below will usually be included within the criteria for a candidate to demonstrate that they:

  • Hold an Engineering qualification such as NHC/HND

  • Are or on the way to becoming a chartered engineer

  • Have worked previously in a design project environment - ideally in the nuclear industry

  • Are proficient in the use of the required software (AutoCad, ProE, Inventor)

  • Meet the vetting requirements.

Get Into Nuclear

These roles have historically been a closed shop for workers outside of the nuclear industry. However, the increase in demand for such roles within the Nuclear New Build (NNB) projects means that the industry will need to broaden non-nuclear engineers' opportunities.


Suppose you believe that you have the skills and experience to bag yourself a role. In that case, it is worth checking out the Nuclear Skills Academy for Nuclear's (NSAN) Nuclear Skills Passport (NS4P), which is a competency framework that is a way for you to demonstrate that you are SQEP to work in the nuclear industry without having worked in the industry.

Credit: NSAN 


Additionally, check out our page on all of the training available to you to help you up-skill wherever you feel that you need to do. There are many opportunities out there in the UK Nuclear Industry particularly in the Engineering Function and now is a great time to start to assess and understand where you fit into the picture.