Exyte Hargreaves Ltd

Conventional Island, Hinkley Point C

Hinkley Point ‘C’ in Somerset is a twin EPR nuclear power station which will generate almost 3200MW.

The station is being constructed by NNB Gen Co., a joint venture between EDF Energy and CGN of China.

Following on from completion of the Early Contract Involvement (ECI) design phase the Exyte team is now under full contract with NNB Gen Co to provide the following scope of work:

Completion of design, procure / manufacture, deliver, install and pre-commissioning of the HVAC systems across 5 areas of the power station.
The 5 systems include key buildings on the site such as the turbine halls and electrical buildings.
We cover both mechanical and electrical disciplines within our design team and manage critical sub-contractors as part of our scope.

Key sub-systems include:

VRF Air Conditioning
Plant & equipment – e.g. Chillers / AHUs
PLC based Control System
Ventilation ductwork & piping.
Part of the HVAC system is safety classified which brings additional scrutiny to our design and supply but is part of our ‘nuclear’ pedigree.

Our delivery strategy will seek to maximise the amount of Off Site Assembly where possible to increase site productivity.

This contract is scheduled to complete in 2024.