Engineering UK

EngineeringUK is a not-for-profit organisation, which works in partnership with the engineering community to inspire tomorrow’s engineers and increase the number and diversity of young people choosing academic and vocational pathways into engineering.

Engineering is a varied, stimulating and valuable career and we need to work harder than ever to ensure that it is accessible for this generation of young people – for their own life chances and so that we have a diverse and insightful workforce that enables the UK to thrive.

EngineeringUK aims to grow the collective impact of work across the sector to help young people understand what engineering is, how to get into it, and be motivated and able to access the educational and training opportunities on the way.

We urge those in education, government and industry to work together to foster the critical engineering and technology skills needed for the UK be a leader in innovation and improve societal and economic resilience and environmental sustainability.

We aim to inspire, engage and inform the next generation of engineers via programmes designed to excite young people about the variety and opportunity presented by a career in modern engineering and give them the chance to meet people already working as engineers.

Through Big Bang, Energy Quest, Neon, Robotics Challenge and Tomorrow’s Engineers careers resources we’re showing young people from all backgrounds how their studies could lead to a rewarding career as a STEM professional.