Decision Analysis Services Limited

We are an independent management consultancy with offices in Australia and the UK.

We are experts in the use of systems thinking, programme management, investment modelling, complex systems engineering, and data analytics in government and business domains.

Coupled with extensive regulatory, operations delivery and engineering experience, this expertise underpins our ability to look deeper into issues, to provide clearer insight and foresight, and to solve critical client challenges.

We specialise in bridging the gap between strategy and operations, creating effective solutions to uniquely complex issues faced by our clients worldwide.

Our clients include international energy generation operators, transport system developers, defence system integrators, and a wide range of government departments, who look to us for strategic and operational support for their most critical issues.

We work collaboratively with our clients, across the entire strategy and operational lifecycle, co-creating solutions and ensuring our work is centred around the specific needs of our client's organisation and its operating context.

Our work is underpinned by hands on experience of delivery in our markets, and the ability to work at the strategic and tactical level, in both delivery and advisory roles.

We always engage with stakeholders effectively, ensure that we deliver pragmatic and fit-for-purpose solutions, and aim to build sustainable capability for our customers - enabling their future.

We work across energy, transport, defence and government sectors where we support capital, engineering, operational and business transformation programmes and portfolios.

The breadth of our experience enables us to bring best practice across industry and international boundaries, ensuring that we continually improve our capabilities and service offering, for the benefit of our clients.