DBD Limited

DBD is an independent global enterprise providing innovative solutions to complex technical, engineering and strategic challenges in highly regulated industries. Our success since launch in 2004 has been built on the quality of our delivery to our Clients, provided by our management and technical expertise. This consistent high quality delivery has led to the establishment of trust based, long term relationships with our Clients.

Since 2004 we have had an unswerving focus on recruitment of leading management and technical specialists who, on average, have over 20 years international experience in front end design, process and systems engineering, commissioning, decommissioning, safety and regulation in the nuclear, power and chemical plant sectors.

Today, our specialists operate across many major processing and power sites, including key nuclear sites in the UK. We also provide services to Clients and Partners in North America, Europe, Japan and South Africa. Whilst we guard our independence fiercely, we work with or alongside most major companies without becoming in any way biased towards any individual technologies, designs or operators.

A key differentiator for DBD is our dedication to building a clear understanding of the Client’s requirement, their objectives and success criteria. The expertise of our personnel underpins this quality-assured approach to all of our work.