Costain helps to improve lives with smart infrastructure solutions across the UK’s energy, water, transportation and defence markets.

What we do
We deliver integrated smart solutions to meet urgent infrastructure needs across the UK.

Why we do it
We help to safeguard the security, increase the capacity, improve customer service and drive efficiency in our clients’ infrastructure programmes.

Our strategy
Our strategy is to focus on blue-chip clients whose major spending plans are underpinned by strategic national needs, regulatory commitments or essential maintenance requirements.

How we do it
Our expertise in the integration of technology, consultancy, asset optimisation and complex delivery positions us at the forefront of a rapidly-changing market environment.

Clear set of priorities
We are committed to meeting our clients' needs. Our culture and values underpin everything we do.

As a result, our five key priorities are:

Achieve sustainable growth in profit
Deliver value and innovation for our clients
Broaden our integrated service delivery
Operate responsibly and safely
Attract and develop new skills.

How we work
We are committed to operating our business both sustainably and responsibly. We are focused on one simple but powerful message – ‘Costain Cares’. This is not a slogan: it is an attitude of mind. It is integral to everything we do and a touchstone against which we can evaluate and measure our performance. We care about all our stakeholders.

Our values
Everyone at Costain is committed to being:

Customer focused
Open and honest
Safe and environmentally aware
Team players
Innovative – improving continuously and therefore the...
Natural choice.