Collinson Grant Limited

1970 - 2020 and going strong

Fifty years might seem like a long time – but to us it has just flown by. And one reason might be that Collinson Grant still helps businesses and large organisations to improve their performance in many of the same ways it did way back in 1970:

building the right organisational structure
maintaining a firm control of costs
improving productivity and the return on assets
getting the best out of people
designing and implementing efficient processes (now often using digital technologies)
creating strong and lasting relationships with all our clients.
This is the approach that has served us well during some turbulent times and when economies have been doing better. It’s not set in stone. Over the years we have learned a great deal from our clients and tried to put it into action. These are just a few of the highlights:

Confidentiality and security
Client confidentiality and the security of information has always been a high priority for Collinson Grant and remains so. A number of large clients are in the defence and nuclear sectors but confidentiality is important for all.

Having held ISO 9001 for several years, Collinson Grant was also certified to ISO 27001 in 2018 – the international standard for information security management.

Digital innovation and new investments: Fiyah, then Gigil
Increasing numbers of CG’s assignments demand skills in the application of digital technologies to improve performance and exploit new ideas. Investment in operations, supply chains and the management of people provides fresh opportunities for working with existing and new clients. It demands additional resources and a broader skills base.

CG supports the launch of two new digital businesses in online retailing: Fiyah – distinctive silver and gold jewellery and Gigil – exclusive babywear garments.

Fiyah and Gigil: two online businesses exploiting new technologies and applying proven business disciplines
An unrealised acquisition sparked the idea for Fiyah – a new digital business, which has grown quickly and managed to capture a significant share of a profitable market. When the proposed purchase of a traditional ‘bricks and mortar’ jewellery retailer fell through it sparked the idea that there was an excellent opportunity in online sales.
The fledgling business had to learn how to adapt quickly, use modern online channels to reach customers, and develop jewellery products that are attractive to the broad but well-defined profile of its customers. The show case web site was designed and built in-house.

Gigil – launched more recently - presents an original range of baby clothes and related products made from organic cottons and sustainable materials. It also uses online channels and innovative marketing to focus on a closely-targeted customer profile. Using similar technologies to those first developed in Fiyah the company is in an earlier stages of development – but confident that there is a robust market for its distinctive product range. Its web site is at:

Digital transformation is not just about alternative markets and online sales channels. New businesses particularly need up-to-date managerial information and effective controls. In its early days CG’s staff worked alongside Fiyah and now supports Gigil to ensure that emerging digital processes not only improved customer service and order fulfilment but also generated operational data that supported effective decision-making.

Important new clients
Strong relationships, good work and value for money remain the key ingredients of the company’s success. Attention to detail and excellent customer service should be a given. These elements provide the opportunity to continually renew and sustain Collinson Grant’s client base. New customers arrive from different sectors and with different needs:

The AA
Amazon EU
Barratt Developments
Bovis Homes
Hexaware Technologies
Hong Kong Aero Engines
Jaguar Land Rover
Low & Bonar
PHS Group
Scottish Rugby
Shepherd Group
Speedy Hire