BHR Group

BHR Group provides technical solutions to industry through a variety of fluid engineering-based products and services.

Our proven & innovative solutions support clients operating in complex, regulated markets.

Nuclear New Build
We provide thermal-hydraulic computational modelling and physical testing to qualify processes and equipment.

Speciality Chemicals
From consumer goods to material science, we work with clients on product development support and process de-risking.

Lithium Ion Batteries
Our complex rheological fluid handling expertise can optimise and accelerate the electrode-slurry manufacturing of Li-ion battery cells.

Nuclear Decommissioning
Waterjetting for cutting and decontamination of reactors, structures and ponds. Modelling of process fluids and sludges for retrieval and transfer.

Oil and Gas
Thermal and erosion performance testing of pipeline equipment and components for flow assurance. Waterjet cutting of subsea structures for decommissioning.

Emission Control Catalysts
Our extensive deagglomeration expertise supports improved catalyst efficiency and reliable manufacturing.