Present Works

We are Present Works - an experienced B2B marketing collective built to help you find and engage your audience.

We combine a pragmatic approach to marketing with a creative mindset to help you make smarter decisions that drive results.

Pioneers in adopting a digital B2C marketing approach with B2B clients, we have the skills and knowhow to identify and utilise the marketing channels that will enable your business to grow.

It always pays to be like-minded. This is how the best work gets done for our clients.

Your marketing options are endless. A practical, considered and realistic approach is required to prioritise activity that is going to make a real difference.

We are independent to the core. We are free of the shackles of big agencies, and can give you true consultative advice with the agility to make our response a reality.

We believe fully in the power of the network. Marketing today needs more elements than ever before to function, and our network of talented specialists is key to our combined success.

We believe success is built on open, honest relationships. Our strong moral compass means we are truly your trusted partners, and can be relied upon to give unbiased advice.

We work with you to craft a personalised marketing mix, backed up by true strategic support using our Find & Seek model.

If customers are looking for your services or organisation, we’ll make sure they find you.

If they aren’t looking for you or don’t know you exist, and you can add value to their business, we will seek them out. form for growth, then prioritise the channels and campaigns that will drive attention, leads and sales.

To deliver a marketing plan that works for you, we need to understand your business objectives. We work with our clients to define achievable objectives, plan their growth and provide true strategic support.

We get under the skin of your business to learn who your clients are, how you can grow your activity with them and what type of clients you want to bring on board. We plan, prioritise and help you execute your growth strategy, based on the blend of services that underpin our Find & Seek model.