Nuclear Marketing Group

Nuclear Marketing Group, LLC was founded in 1994 by Warren Carah, with the goal of offering vendors a professional marketing presence in a period of downsizing, retrenchment, cost focus, and significant personnel shifts. Warren's son, Trevor joined the firm in 2011, becoming company president in 2017.

​In the current age of the "Delivering the Nuclear Promise" and industry consolidation, suppliers to the nuclear industry must add customer services, increased value and personal contact to their existing product and engineering portfolios if they are to grow and thrive. NMG provides suppliers with a direct sales presence at the sites by meeting with component, systems, and design engineers and procurement specialists who specify the products and services to be purchased.

It has been frequently argued that salesmanship is the same regardless of industry and, for the most part, that is true. But as in any highly specialized and technical field, it is mandatory to know the players and the rule book.

Our methods are uncomplicated and straightforward: we visit our customer sites on a regular basis to find out if needs exist and if the products and services offered by our principals can solve those needs. We also use a variety of other sources for our information–networking with other industry sales organizations, user-group meetings, reviewing the NRC Event Reports, etc… but it almost always comes back to meeting one-on-one with the customer to turn up solid opportunities for our clients.
What We Offer
If we were an engineering firm, we would have that term in our name. Rather, we are a marketing organization that happens to be fairly proficient at understanding most mechanical and electrical systems found in nuclear power plants.

We do not offer our principals a commanding technical presence with a customer; we believe that is what your engineers are best at. What we do is get the customer’s engineers to talk to your engineers about their needs and potential solutions. Our understanding of nuclear Q.A., environmental qualification, system design and procurement procedures helps filter out the wasteful interrogations that mask out serious inquiries.

Why You Should Work With Us
Nuclear Marketing Group has a pretty simple economic structure: If we don’t sell anything, we don’t earn anything. All of our contractual relationships with our current principals is based on sales performance.

A key virtue in this business is patience. For principals with limited presence in the industry, it can take several years to to develop sales, especially for a previously unproven product. We work with our principals to develop a total marketing effort to promote sales. We regularly produce flyers and other e-mail based communications to maintain contact with the key persons in the plants. We also firmly believe it is important for our client’s to work with us in the field to personally hear customer remarks and take back suggestions to the factory. To insure good communications, we document all customer visits with a detailed call report with specific action items as appropriate.

To send us an inquiry regarding your interest in Nuclear Marketing Group potentially representing your company to the nuclear power generation industry, please contact us.

Thank you for your interest.