Get Into Nuclear | Step 4: Know The Skills

Six Steps To Get Into Nuclear

Step 4 - Know The Skills

The forth step in the get into nuclear process is to discover the education, qualifications, skills and experience required to get into nuclear.

If you have jumped straight into Step 4 you can start at Step 1 – Know Who You Are.


This step is the key step in determining your next move. Do you have what it takes, can you achieve what is takes through personal development or do you need to reconsider another roles within the industry as you just don’t have the time, aptitude of want to continue down a path.

The Job Roles: - The most obvious place to look to find out the skills required to get into nuclear for a specific role is to seek out job descriptions which are easiest to find on live job advertisements that can be found via various recruitment sites online. Additionally, at GetIntoNuclear we have the regular Nuclear Jobs of the Week posts which show live job advertisements at the time of posting where we try to break down the specific skills required (nuclear and non-nuclear specific) and provide some guidance on what the successful candidate would ultimately look like.

Relevant Experience: You can never underestimate the importance and value of experience. The thing is in the UK Nuclear Industry is that most companies and roles specify that they are looking for specific nuclear experience. So how, you may ask, can anyone bag a role in the UK Nuclear Industry if they need to have worked in the UK Nuclear Industry beforehand? Chicken and egg may spring to mind. This is where the NSAN Nuclear Passport comes into play – we have a written a post around it also.

Training, Courses, Qualifications: Upon reviewing the skills and experience required you may find that you need to upskill yourself via personal development, either by deciding that you need to get a degree, you need to undertake a course in Microsoft Excel or you want to become qualified in the field of Procurement via the CIPS. You can find that you need at the Get Into Nuclear Training Page.

Vetting Requirements: Additionally to the above you will also need to consider your ability to be able to pass the vetting requirements to enable you to work within the UK Nuclear Industry. There are various levels of vetting deponent upon the role and its location. You can find out more on our post on the UK Vetting Requirement for the UK Nuclear Industry.


Following step 4 our example sportsman would move on to step 5 having identified the below:

After looking at the jobs descriptions there is nothing specific that they do not have the knowledge of or experience in to become a facilities manager at a local nuclear design house. The vetting requirements are a concern due to personal financial problems in the past. However, the roles only require BPSS so this hopefully will not be a problem.