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Magnox Ltd are responsible for the safe and secure clean-up of 12 nuclear sites and operation of one hydro-electric plant.

They are licensed under the Nuclear Installations Act 1965 and holder of the licence for 12 nuclear sites and one hydro-electric plant. As such, they are the legal entity responsible for the following sites, which are owned by the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority:

  • Berkeley

  • Bradwell

  • Chapelcross

  • Dungeness A

  • Harwell

  • Hinkley Point A

  • Hunterston A

  • Maentwrog

  • Oldbury

  • Sizewell A

  • Trawsfynydd

  • Winfrith

  • Wylfa


Each site has a Site Stakeholder Group (SSG) or Local Site Liaison Council (LCLC) which acts as a liaison between the local community and the site. Independently chaired, the groups meet regularly to examine our work, as well as that of the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority and regulators. 

Magnox are responsible for ensuring that activities are carried out:

  • safely, securely and predictably, with due regard for the environment

  • to the satisfaction of the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority

  • in the long-term interests of the organisation, their employees, the local communities and the Magnox supply chain partners.

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