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#1 Identify who you are #2 and what you want from your job

#3 Get to know the business #4 and the skills you require

#5 Get to know the people who can help you land that role

#6 Be known and put yourself in a position to land that role

Did you know that the UK Nuclear Industry currently employs around 65,000 people and forecast to create another 35,000 jobs.

What You Can Find at Get Into Nuclear

Nuclear Jobs

Use our jobs search page to search for live jobs in the UK Nuclear Industry advertised on indeed.

You can use these searches to identify the jobs that you are interested in a research the skill and qualification needed to enable you to define your next career steps.

Specialist Recruiters

Do you have a specific set of knowledge, skills or qualifications that set you apart in the market place?

If this is the case you may not find the role where you can add the most value to the industry directly. We have provided a list of specialist recruiters who can help you to get into nuclear.

Roles in the Nuclear Industry

Not all roles in the UK Nuclear Industry involve wearing a lab coat, handling radio active materials or sitting behind a large control desk.

We have provided a functional overview of all of the key roles in nuclear.

Where to look for Roles

The UK Nuclear Industry includes different sectors each with a myriad of different companies who are require resources to meet the demands of their work.

To add to this each company tends to use different methods of recruiting...don't be put off by this we have provided you with a directory of where you can find the roles that you are looking for.

Employment Options

The majority of work within the UK Nuclear Industry is completed as part of a project with discrete deliverables, start and end dates this provides opportunities for both permanent staff and temporary contracting or agency roles. 

Nuclear Blog

We provide updates on the current news stories in the nuclear industry via our social media channels and also provide information on jobs, careers, training, interesting books and all sorts of comings and goings within our blog posts...if you subscribe you will also receive our monthly nuclear news round- up.