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Nuclear Energy

The climate problem is predominately an energy problem. Nuclear energy is crucial in providing affordable energy and fighting climate change.

"Nuclear is ideal for dealing with climate change because it is the only carbon-free, scalable energy source that's available 24 hours a day." Bill Gates

Steps to getting into nuclear.

Learn how you can build a career in nuclear and help provide a sustainable environment for future generations.

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Speak Directly To Nuclear Employers

Speak directly to Nuclear Employers who are looking for people like you. Chat by phone, email or online chat.

In-person and online events

Meet with employers, training providers and existing nuclear workers to learn more about getting into nuclear. 

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If helping to build a sustainable future isn't enough, the nuclear industry is one of the best-paying

Find out more about the salaries and benefits of working in nuclear.

Featured Course:

Check out our featured course available at Universities across the UK.


Looking to Get Into Nuclear? Looking to complete an MSc? Look no further!

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Career Pathing

How to Get Into Nuclear.

Undertake a skills map.

Discover where to train.


Job Seeking

CV Review and Writing.

Ask the Employer.

Create a Nuclear Profile.

Apply for live nuclear jobs.

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Get free one-to-one support

Get Into Nuclear is the perfect place for anyone looking to pursue a career in the nuclear industry. Our experienced team of advisors are available to discuss your options and provide tailored advice to help you get the job you want - simply book a 20-min career chat for more information.

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