Get Into Nuclear Business


Helping companies to create strategies and winning tenders to enter the nuclear industry bringing their unique capabilities and capacities with them.

Our Services

The Get Into Nuclear Business offering has been created out of demand for the services. We have helped numerous individuals to find themselves a role within the nuclear industry and on the back of this have been asked by numerous companies how can they get into nuclear.

Our offering starts with a simple conversation in which we provide an overview of the industry, the key companies, the tiers within which they operate and how opportunities to work in the nuclear industry are identified and what it takes to successfully win work.

We help you tell your story and raise your profile in the nuclear industry attracting new business and talent.


From there we are able to support you in developing a business winning strategy and even help you with the tendering process itself. Either by providing training prior to commencing a tender, providing bid resources or by undertaking a peer review.