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Getting into the UK Nuclear Industry

#1 Identify who you are #2 and what you want from your job

#3 Get to know the business #4 and the skills you require

#5 Get to know the people who can help you land that role

#6 Be known and put yourself in a position to land that role is uniquely positioned in that we support the UK nuclear industry employers in attracting top talent from outside of the sector. We have created a website that has information on the nuclear industry in plain english that is easy to understand and have developed the six-steps to getting into nuclear which is a guided programme to enable you to identify your perfect nuclear role.

Whether you are just starting your career or have years of experience we can help you to find a role in nuclear. We offer CV writing advice, information on training courses and put you in-front of Nuclear Employers. We are here to support you every step of the way.

We do not charge recruitment fees, which means employers choose to solely recruit and post roles on our network and you get to benefit of exclusive roles that will not be available elsewhere in the marketplace.

Get Into Nuclear

Annual subscription

Everything that you need to get into nuclear.

  • Build your confidence in that there is a role for you in the UK nuclear industry for you

  • Access exclusive nuclear roles saving you time. No more searching endless job sites

  • Network with others looking to enter the nuclear industry

  • Connect directly with the nuclear employers who have the jobs demand

  • Develop your skills and knowledge utilising recommended resources

* reduced price for a very limited time only

CV Writing


Your CV is your first chance to make an impression on your nuclear employer

The need for a compelling, professional CV is essential considering the competancies that are important in the nuclear industry. 

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Raise your profile and increase your personal brand by updating your LinkedIn profile.

Grow profile reviews and expand you nuclear network of people.

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