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About the Course

The Triple Bar Nuclear New Build Sites (TBNNBS) is a ‘three bar’ training course delivered online or via classroom. The Triple Bar Nuclear New Build Sites (TBNNBS) Training has been developed in collaboration with EDF Energy to provide individuals with a basic level of understanding about some of the important aspects about working on a nuclear new build site. Course Overview The TBNNBS training is aimed at individuals who will require unescorted access for working on a nuclear new build site approved by UK Government for the construction of new civil nuclear power stations. For those contracted to Hinkley Point C the training is included in the one day EDF Energy induction process so is not mandatory. However, for those that wish to prepare and ensure success, it is recommended to complete this training before the induction. The TBES course comprises of three 'bars': Bar One: Basic Common Induction

  • Identify what makes nuclear power different to other forms of power generation.

  • Outline how the government deals with nuclear power.

  • Outline the emergency arrangements on a nuclear site.

  • Describe your role in the security arrangements that exist for working on a nuclear site.

Bar Two: Basic nuclear in context

  • Explain the reasons behind the UK’s decision to build new nuclear power stations.

  • Outline the main improvements in the nuclear power industry the last 50 years.

  • List the key events that brought about those changes.

  • Explain what is meant by ‘latent error’.

Bar Three: Basic nuclear behaviours

  • Explain the features of a strong safety culture.

  • State the actions required following an ‘event’ or ‘near-miss’.

  • Recognise safe and unsafe ‘behaviours’ and ‘situations’.

  • Explain some techniques for preventing errors in your work.

  • Explain why it is important to work in accordance with approved procedures.

Who should do this course? This course is aimed at anyone who has or wants to gain contracted work at nuclear new build sites.

Delivery Online: our online learning platform (The eLearning Network) allows you to take your courses at a time when it’s convenient for you each week. You can work around your busy schedule.

Pricing £50 + VAT per learner

Triple Bar Nuclear for New Build Sites


£50 +VAT






Online & Classroom

Before you go - we have created an email course to guide you through the process of defining your career path into the nuclear industry. Check it out: FREE Six-Steps To Get Into Nuclear

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